Working At Answering Service Care: What’s It Like? (Part 1 of 2)

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If you ask a member of our Answering Service Care team what it’s like to work here, some of the answers that will come up over and over include: “It’s a family environment” or “We are one big team” or “This is the most positive environment I’ve ever worked in” or “I’ve learned so much here!”

Answering Service Care is no stranger to the answering service world. As a family-owned and –operated company, we have been in the business for 40 year… and counting!

So, what is it that makes this environment just so great? Here are a few reasons why our team is among the happiest in the industry:

We’re award-winning, and we are very proud of what we do.
Year after year, we win awards, such as the prestigious ATSI Award of Excellence. Our team takes pride in serving our clients—and their callers—at the very top levels of the answering service industry. And it shows!

We are a family in every sense of the word.
In addition to being owned and operated by the same family for over four decades, our entire team feels like a family, no matter what your team, your seniority or your specific role in the company. Our dedication to our jobs and our clients is strong—very strong. Our dedication to one another is equally as strong. Here, we are all family.

We are the most experienced in the business.
In 2014, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our founders, Herman and Dorothy Shooster, purchasing a small South Florida answering service by the name of Ding-A-Ling. From that point on, not only did our company grow…and grow…and grow, but we also committed ourselves to becoming the best in the business. No one has more experience than we do, and no answering service team is more experienced than ours.

We’re real people.
When you pick up a phone to call your doctor’s office or the local plumber or maybe a law firm, you want to know that you are being listened to, attended to and, most of all, understood. Our telephone answering service operators will connect with you from the start, taking your concerns seriously, answering your questions and getting you what you need, when you need it. Answering Service Care is known as a company that values the human touch above all else—we are real people who care about our callers and care about our colleagues.

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