Would Call Transfer Help Your Small Business Do Better?

It’s funny how a small thing can make a huge impact to how a business runs day-to-day.

Take, for example, a simple answering service function like call transfer. Unlike a more involved (and potentially more expensive) service like having a virtual receptionist constantly warm transfer each caller to their intended extension, a call transfer can be done automatically by a computerized menu.

This process or approach can simplify the process for a business that really doesn’t need to know who’s calling each time the phone rings.

How Call Transfer Can Help You

No matter if you always take your own phone calls or simply are looking to dip your toe into the waters of answering services, there are plenty of reasons to choose call transfer. When used in conjunction with the right kind of interactive voice response system, or IVR, it will still give your company a professional polish and your people can provide the personal touch.

Here are a few ways call transfer can help a small business like yours:

  • Letting you get away from your desk phone. There are lots of reasons why you might not be working to your full potential while being lashed to your desk phone. Whether you’re a property manager or you simply need to be free to work in other areas of the building, having call transfers directed to your cell phone part of the time will give you the freedom of movement you need.You can even skip the desk phone entirely if your cell service is reliable!
  • Providing one central number. Even if you meet people in person, there’s no rule saying you have to have all your people under the same roof. In these modern times, virtual teams are common, allowing you to employ talent from anywhere in the world.Using call transfer with your phone system can make it easier for your callers, since they’ll only need to remember one phone number in order to reach anyone in your organization.
  • Making it simple for callers to get the right person. Receptionists are great, but mistakes can happen when a new person comes onboard. Learning the ropes can lead to customer service hassles when callers are routed to the wrong department or person, or told that the extension simply doesn’t exist.When you’re dealing with customers who know exactly who they want to reach and require no introduction, a call transfer is a more efficient way to complete the call.
  • Saving your company money. Having an in-house or virtual receptionist personally introduce every call can be an ideal situation for some kinds of businesses, but for many others it’s simply unnecessary.Rather than paying for a full-time operator or extra to an answering service for personal phone handling, put that money back into your pocket by opting for call transfer instead.

Call transfer services can help your small business do better, both with the task at hand and in terms of budget. Even if it’s not a perfect solution by itself, it can easily be used along with other answering service offerings, like a virtual receptionist that callers can reach by hitting “0” on their phones or waiting through an automated menu announcement.

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