How to forward your phone to the answering service

Call Forwarding Instructions

Cox Call Forwarding Options

The Cox Business MyAccount web portal and MyAccount mobile app, both provide a quick way to turn on or off Call Forwarding options.

  1. All Calls allows you to forward all incoming calls until the feature is turned off
  2. Busy allows you to forward an incoming call only when the line is busy
  3. No Answer allows you to forward an incoming call when there is no answer on the line. This feature allows you to select the number of rings prior to forwarding
  4. Not Reachable allows you to set a forwarding option in the event your phone service is interrupted, which is a great option to prepare for outage events
  5. Selective allows you to forward, or a do not forward option, during a specified time schedule. Selective also allows you to select any phone number or targeted phone numbers in the setup

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