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Understanding the different call forwarding methods

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Call forwarding works well when it’s set up properly. But when it’s switched over manually, human error or natural disaster may lead to missed calls. As you probably know better than anyone, missed calls mean missed business opportunities. 

Our Call Forwarding service is all about options, and we want to make sure you know yours! Call forwarding can be an important tool in your efforts to communicate effectively and consistently with your callers. For all sorts of reasons, from human error to employee absence to natural disasters, it’s always possible that your manual call forwarding is left on when it should be off, or off when it should be on.

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What Happens When You Forget To Switch Over Call Forwarding

When call forwarding is not switched over at the right time, you could potentially be cut off from important incoming phone calls. Any business that relies on the phone for new or repeat business knows all-too-well just how damaging this scenario could be. 

When you have call forwarding set up to switch over automatically (“Call Forwarding No Answer”) after a certain number of rings, all of these potential problems will no longer threats to your business. Forwarding will happen automatically, resulting in your calls always getting answered and addressed.

In addition, automatic call forwarding means no more:

  • Endless voicemail loops
  • Worrying about who will answer when someone is on vacation or out of the office
  • Missing after-hours or weekend calls – your phones are on 24/7/365

There is no doubt: There are some key benefits to call forwarding.

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Your answering service should remind you that call forwarding is set up at the carrier level. This means that your specific forwarding instructions will vary by carrier. If you are ready to get set up and have questions about how to forward your phone through your specific carrier, we have created a page with this information.

Let’s Talk About Call Forwarding. For more information on how best to use Call Forwarding or how to incorporate Call Forwarding into your new or existing answering service, contact us by phone at (800) 430-6511 or by email at any time!

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