Ft. Myers Florida Answering Service

Ft. Myers, Florida, which is called the entryway into Southwest Florida, attracts still exist visitors to its striking spans of white sand beaches and recreational activities that include golfing, sport fishing and other water sports. With service businesses contending against each other for competing for tourism dollars and the spending of local consumer businesses, the competition for business can get pretty intense. Answering Service Care.com is an intensely competitive industry itself, and 36 years after starting, we are the premier Florida answering service business in the nation.

We have gained valuable wisdom and experience in the nuances of formulating strategies that work for a business in Florida and in communities across the nation. Employing an answering service is one of the simplest, yet incredibly powerful, strategies you can implement to manage your business telephone calls and grow your business.

As home to 61,415 residents, top-rated schools and a vibrant business sector, Fort Myers and communities, such as Matlacha, Miromar Lakes, North Ft. Myers and Cape Coral, FL are set to thrive and prosper well into the future. Ft. Myers, Florida was named after Colonel Abraham Myers in1850. It was initially a military outpost for the Seminole Indian Wars. The fort was retired from official use in 1865 after the Civil War. Fort Myers was established as a town in 1885 and gradually developed and expanded its economy around tourism, which is the area’s primary economic source. However, construction and retirement facilities and services are also major sources for the local economy. Regardless of your business, you can expand right along with the Fort Myer’s economy.

Even if you wanted to, you could not possibly handle every phone call because that means you probably would have very little time to focus on the tasks you need to deliver your services and grow your business. Also, assigning telephone calls to skilled staff is not the answer. And, if you allow your calls to go to your voice mail, studies show that up to 75 percent of new callers simply abandon you for your competitors. This is where Answering Service Care comes into the picture. We can tailor a customized answering service solution that is designed especially for your business situation. Our answering service company is committed to providing your business with the technology and service that is not only right for your company, but very affordable.

Our objective is to work with you to customize an answering service solution and integrate it flawlessly in to your operations. Because each business is unique, when your clients, customers or patients call, they will speak to a live operator who is cordial and knowledgeable about your business. The operators will handle calls according to the directions you outline. Answering Service Care’s goal is to impress your callers with our professionalism, responsiveness, reliability and personal touch. When a call is completed, the customer will not be able to distinguish between our answering service or an in-house staff person.