Sarasota Florida Answering Service

Answering Services appreciates Sarasota, Florida’s long-lived reputation as a major center for living, education, culture and business in the southeastern region of the United States. The Sarasota County area, which includes communities, such as Manasota, Pinecraft, Siesta Keys and Lakewood Ranch, has received high top ratings from Money Magazine and Inc Magazine as one of the best American cities to live and do business.

Established business owners in the Sarasota County area who cater to tourists, local residents or global clientele can use our Florida answering service to deliver high-quality customer care and ensure that their customers receive the care they deserve. For start-up service industry enterprises, Answering Service can help you set up and maintain an effective and reliable answering system.

Over 50 percent of Sarasota area employees work in businesses that are service-oriented. Sarasota’s natural attributes, which include 35 miles of white-sanded beaches, an average year-round temperature of 72 degrees and gorgeous sunsets on the southwestern Florida side of the Gulf of Mexico, makes Sarasota an ideal setting for a variety of businesses, including tourism, real estate, transportation and construction. These industries were, and continue to be, instrumental in Sarasota’s and expansion.

Incorporated in 1902, Sarasota is the home of America’s first golf course, which was built by John Gillespie, an Edinburg-trained lawyer and Sarasota’s first mayor. Gillespie came over from Scotland in 1886 to represent his family’s interest in the Florida Mortgage and Investment Company. Their investments include Sarasota and an additional 50,000 acres of land. In 1927, John and Mabel Ringling decided to make Sarasota the winter home of their circus. Their active involvement as art collectors and real estate developers was instrumental in Sarasota’s development.

Answering Service is a family-owned business that has been delivering telephone answering services for 35 years. We are a nationally recognized company that understands the importance of family have on the identity, development and expansion of businesses or communities like Sarasota, Pinecraft, Lakewood Ranch and Manasota.
Doctors, lawyers, insurance, financial and real estate professionals understand the importance for their clients to be able to contact them. Retailers, manufacturers and contractors also understand that effective communication is essential to their customers’ customer service experience. Answering Service can help you achieve a reputation for quality customer service.

In 2002, a study by Purdue University reported that 62 percent of the respondents said they would cease using a business’s products or services if they were subjected to a negative experience with the company’s telephone customer service. Answering Services will provide a seamless service to your clients and customers whether it’s evenings, weekends or 24-hour a day. We provide ongoing training to our staff because it is important that your callers, whether they are from Pinecraft, the community of Lakewood Ranch or the barrier islands of Manasota or Siesta Keys, have positive experiences with your business. Answering Service is committed to your success.