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An Answering Service for Optometrists Can Help You See More Patients

It might not take long to answer the telephone when it rings, but when you multiply that one call by the dozens that you receive in a day, those minutes really add up. An answering service for optometrist practices could be the answer to your blinding issue of too little time and too many patients.

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Optometrist Answering Service

Spend More Time on Patient Care

Optometrists offices like yours are constantly struggling to find a balance between patient care and expenses, often going back and forth repeatedly. When you try to provide better patient care, you’re spending a lot more on extra staff, but when you try to save those costs, you seem to spend a lot of time handling your own calls, giving you less time to treat patients.

Answering Service Care provides medical offices like yours a third option: an answering service for optometrists. We’ve put together a package we think will be perfect for your office, giving you the extra help you need so you can spend more time on patient care, while still saving on staff costs.

These are just a few options you can choose between when building your custom answering service package:

Virtual Receptionist

Sure, you have a real-life receptionist, but you could also benefit from having a team of dedicated telephone operators of your own. Instead of leaving your callers to any one of the many professionals on the HIPAA-compliant answering service team, those patients could speak to the same few operators every single time they call. It’s a small, personal touch that can really enhance patient engagement.

Appointment setting service

By far, appointment handling is one of your biggest time sinks day in and day out. That’s why Answering Service Care offers a dedicated appointment scheduling option that allows you and your team to make, change or cancel patient appointments in real-time. This tool translates to an added convenience for your callers and a great way to make more time in your day.

Emergency Call Handling

Eye emergencies happen, so someone needs to be manning the helm just in case a patient calls. A professional telephone operator can take the call, work through your emergency call workflow to determine if your patient is experiencing a true emergency, then handle them appropriately, according to your instructions. Say goodbye to false emergencies during your down time or the busiest times of the day.

Automatic Call Overflow

Sometimes, you just can’t get to the phone, no matter what you do. You’re performing an eye exam, your receptionist is busy with a patient, the rest of the staff has gone to lunch, it’s an impossible situation. With automatic call overflow handling, your caller will be transferred to your answering service after a few unanswered rings in your office. From there, they can leave a message or be transferred to the appropriate voicemail box, based on the caller’s preference.

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