A Veterinarian Answering Service

Improves Customer Care

Veterinarian Answering Service

Let Us Show You How An Answering Service Can Be Professional… And Friendly, Too

Veterinarian Answering Service

Your office can turn into a zoo between the patients who need to be seen and the callers who are waiting on the phone to make an appointment or ask a question.

You don’t have to tame the wilderness alone, though. A veterinarian answering service can help keep your phone lines clear so your office staff can focus on giving Fido the quality care he needs.

Your small veterinary practice is everything you’d hoped it would be, except that your stellar reputation has created a huge backlog for callers and their pet-patients. Your in-house staff is doing all they can to keep the telephone and waiting room serviced during peak times, but it’s not an easy job for them and customer care is suffering for it. Instead of stretching your staff too thin, hiring a medical answering service can be the solution to your customer care problems.

That’s where we come in. When it comes to answering patient phone calls with care 24/7, 365 days a year, we want to be your top doctor answering service choice. Our professional medical answering service operators can handle all of your telephone answering-related needs from simple patient calls to full-blown medical emergencies. Our virtual medical receptionists are highly trained, intelligent, friendly, articulate and prepared to fulfill your specific phone and message requirements. We don’t have to tell you how critically important it is for you as a healthcare provider to answer phone calls, take messages and return those calls in the most timely manner possible.

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Just like with human patients, a veterinarian answering service can help your office run more smoothly by:

Maintaining a backlog of callers waiting for your attention isn’t a great way to keep rattled pet owners calm provide the customer care your patients deserve. Instead of automatically putting people on hold during busy times, your office staff can tag the answering service for help with overflow calls. Any call that you don’t pick up within the time you specify, for example, will automatically be transferred to your answering service team.

Your office staff handles a lot of appointments every day, keeping the phone lines lit up when those workers need to be doing other things. You can free up a significant amount of manpower by simply using an appointment scheduling queue through our answering service company. Instead of leaving your staff to set all medical, grooming and boarding appointments over the telephone, they can be free to take care of the customers coming in through the door. Since your answering service uses software compatible with your calendar applications, appointments made in-house are never at risk of creating double bookings!

Although the majority of your callers aren’t dealing with emergencies, there are a few that desperately need to get through right away. Instead of leaving them at the mercy of an answering machine or simply turning off the phones at night, you can give them a way to reach you without being invasive. An answering service will ask the right questions to determine if callers are having a true emergency that needs your attention or if the caller can wait until morning to make an appointment.

Veterinarian Answering Service

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