Lowell Massachusetts Answering Service

Answering Service Care works with Lowell, Massachusetts professional and service enterprises to assist them in beating their competitors by delivering unparalleled Massachusetts answering service. Often, business owners place their attention on investing resources in office location, furniture, computers and other business assets necessary to build their company. However, telephone customers service may receive less attention than other staffing needs. Studies have showed that that callers form positive or negative opinions about a company based on their telephone interaction with staff or their inability to speak to a live person. The facts demonstrate that the quality of your telephone customer service can make or break your business.

Founded in the early 1820’s, Lowell received a corporate charter in 1826. The city gets its name from Francis Cabot Lowell, a well-know businessperson who played a prominent role in building the city’s canal system and mills. The City of Lowell became a center of industrial activity in New England and throughout the United States up until the 20th century. During the 1980’s Lowell experienced an economic boom in technology as local enterprises manufacturer plastics minicomputers and personal computer workstations. Lowell’s current economy has a heavy emphasis on the services sector. Answering Services Care can work with any service business- health. Legal real estate or trade – to grow your operations and deliver superior telephone experiences to your patients, clients or customers.

Answering Service Care not only have live operators, but offers a complete line of other telephone communication solutions to empower any business and assist them to improve their customer communications, including:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • After hours, holiday and weekend coverage
  • Bi-lingual live operators
  • Dispatch service for emergency or technical service personnel
  • Message delivery and receiving services
  • Free Local and toll-free telephone numbers
  • Interactive Voice Response

New Lowell, MA businesses can benefit by using these tools to project a professional image to the public without having to spend resource on their own staff to answer phones. Plumbers, painters, electrician and other trades persons relax and concentrate on delivering service knowing that their phones calls are receiving the attention they deserve.

Do not dismiss the importance Answering Service Care live operators can make in your business’s bottom line, especially if you are just opening your doors. Purdue University study indicates that 7 out of 10 callers do not leave messages on business voice mails or answering machines. Undoubtedly, a high percentage of callers in need of a service will call your competitors’ business. This same applies to doctors, attorneys, real estate brokers, financial consultants and other professional.

Answering Service Care has provided client with leading-edge telephone communication solutions for over three decades. As a result, we have the trust and respect that has earned us a reputation as the global leader in the answering service industry. Call us now and learn how you can improve your business and save money by using our services.