Farmington Hills Michigan Answering Service

Farmington Hills is an upscale suburb situated north and west of the greater Detroit metro area in Oakland County. It is an affluent community with a flourishing economic base and has successfully weathered a number of recent economic storms and the volatility of the stock markets. Being situated in between Ann Arbor and Detroit, Farmington Hills witnesses a lot of business traffic and commuters so the location of the city has been good to the economy of the city as well.

To say the least, there is a lot of money in the Farmington Hills community, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all businesses in town benefit from that affluence that is so characteristic of the community. In 2003, the Farmington Hills economy took a slight dip when Compuware moved its headquarters to Detroit and took their 4,000 employees with them. However, the economy recovered rather quickly despite this event. Many businesses that experienced a downturn had to be creative and made some adjustments to survive.

Why a live Michigan answering service?

One of the ways in which these businesses adjusted to the economic hit mentioned above was the implementation of a live answering service in order to better facilitate their clients or customers. Not only were they able to better serve their clientele, but many companies actually expanded their reach by using a live answering service in Farmington Hills. Our company, Answering Service Care, is a 30 plus-year-old company that has been helping businesses nationwide and can provide you with a high-quality Farmington Hills live answering service that your company can benefit from.

We can provide you with a number of services and sound business solutions that is very cost-effective and highly efficient. Our services include:

  • 24/7/365 live answering service
  • call center capabilities
  • disaster and emergency recovery services
  • eCommerce solutions
  • fulfillment services
  • fax to e-mail capabilities
  • IVR (interactive voice response)

All of these enable you to handle your client’s or customer’s needs quickly and efficiently even after regular business hours, during holidays, and on the weekends. Most importantly, you will never miss another important phone call. And let’s face it. One thing that annoys current or potential customers is the inability to talk to a live person when they have questions or customer service issues.

Each of the above services and business solutions all provides you with certain benefits that most other Farmington Hills answering services do not. For instance, call center capabilities mean that you do not have to outsource your customer service and/or tech support to a country overseas like so many other businesses have done in recent years. We are a family-owned and operated US company, so outsourcing is not part of the equation. After all, US consumers today are reluctant to deal with companies that outsource part of their operations and many consumers resent it.

Another key benefit is the fulfillment services that we provide. This key feature enables you to improve aspects of product distribution from order processing to warehousing and even managing customer returns. This is definitely an easier, more cost-effective method of product distribution than what other Farmington Hills live answering services are capable of providing their clients with.

Additionally, if you have launched a business website on the internet, you can benefit from the eCommerce solutions that we provide. You can better facilitate the needs of your online clients or customers because of key management and support options with our eCommerce solutions such as internet chat support, e-mail and lead management, and other applications that we can customize to your specific business needs.

For more information regarding Answering Service Care, our services, and the business solutions we can provide you with, as well as implementing a live answering service in Farmington Hills, please contact us at the toll-free phone number above.