West Bloomfield Michigan Answering Service

The city of West Bloomfield is technically known as West Bloomfield Charter Township. Situated within the greater Detroit metro area, in Oakland County, this suburb is one of the more affluent ones of the region. It is characterized by its large, upscale homes and the rolling hills of the surrounding countryside. It is oftentimes referred to as Oakland County’s “lake township” because the landscape is dotted with numerous smaller lakes.

Although the city has a smaller business community than surrounding areas, it has still benefited because of its location between other affluent and larger business communities. In such tight knit areas where one city or township borders another, it is not uncommon for consumers to shop in between these areas despite the ones they live in. Granted, most US consumers prefer to keep the money spent in their local communities, but sometimes it just isn’t possible due to product or service availability.

A live Michigan answering service can help

One of the key benefits of having a live answering service in West Bloomfield is that it enables to you to reach out and expand your business regionally and even nationally if you are dealing with a company that operates on a nationwide basis. So when potential clients or customers are considering shopping at your location, they know they can contact your business prior to visiting it if you have a product or service they are interested in. Just imagine the benefits of knowing that you will never miss a phone call 24/7/365.

Since the mid 1970’s, Answering Service Care has been helping companies do exactly that while at the same time providing additional solutions along with that around-the-clock West Bloomfield live answering service. Here are the benefits that come with just this one aspect of all the services we provide:

There is no longer a need to outsource your call center workload to foreign soil because we are an all-American company located here in the US. Remember current and potential clients or customers in the US are reluctant to conduct their business with companies that are located overseas.

We have over three decades of high-quality answering service experience and a solid track record of customer satisfaction to prove it. Answering Service Care passes their experience onto you when you set up your live answering service in West Bloomfield.

Your phones will be answered by live operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year meaning that your client’s or customer’s sales and/or service needs are going to be taken care of no matter what time of the day they call your company – holidays and weekends included.

Other services and business solutions

Answering Service Care can help you set up a virtual office with your live answering service in West Bloomfield. In addition to the 24/7/365 availability that having a West Bloomfield live answering service enables you to have, there are several other key business solutions and services including:

  • Call center capabilities
  • Disaster recovery and emergency response ability
  • eCommerce solutions for your company’s website
  • Fax to e-mail for forwarding or printing important company documents
  • Fulfillment services that enable you to improve your distribution operations including order processing, returns management, and even warehousing
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) that offers your clients or customers the options they are looking for and then directs them immediately to a live operator once they have made their selections


Having a live answering service in West Bloomfield is one of the best ways to expand and grow your business. With both local and toll-free phone numbers available with out services, Answering Service Care provides you with the opportunity to sell locally, regionally, and nationally.
For more information regarding Answering Service Care services and business solutions by implementing a live answering service in West Bloomfield, please contact us at the toll-free phone number above.