Albany New York Answering Service

Have you been searching for a reliable live New York answering service in Albany? Maybe you are a medical specialist or own a consultancy or a designer and your business keeps you out of the office most hours or you want your calls answered after hours or during weekends, it is best to hire a live answering service in Albany, NY.

Situated at the confluence of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers roughly 140 miles to the north of New York City is the capital city of Albany, New York. The city was one of the oldest British and Dutch settlements in the state and was founded in 1614, nearly 400 years ago. Despite the fact that the city’s economy is very dependent on the wide array of county and state government departments located there.
According to the 2000 census, Albany’s population was approaching the 100,000 mark with many of the residents employed by the government entities mentioned above. The 2010 census will probably reveal that the city is now well over that 100,000 mark. Despite the prevalence of the government employment factor, Albany has a solidly based business community. This is witnessed by the fact that the city is situated within the boundaries of what is called New York’s “Tech Valley” and is similar to California’s Silicon Valley.

Unfortunately, many of these Albany businesses are not servicing their clients or customers as well as they could because they still haven’t realized the value of employing a live answering service. If there is one thing that aggravates clients and customers of a particular business is the grief encountered by only being able to reach an automated system and leaving a message. When they are calling your business, there is most likely a customer service issue that needs to be addressed. That automated system will not solve their issues and you might lose that customer as a result. We take away the hassles of your customer service and queries that customers have, so you can focus on important aspects of your Albany business.

The most significant role that an Albany live answering service can play in your business is that you know that your clients or customers will always have their issues dealt with by a live operator who is very knowledgeable of your day-to-day operations. Your Albany answering service can also become a critical part of your sales staff as well because they will learn about your products or services in order to answer your customer’s questions.

We offer more high-quality business services at cost-effective pricing. We are sensitive to our client’s budgets and can customize an Albany live answering service package that will target your specific business and customer needs. Here are several of the ways your business can benefit by using our Albany answering service:

  • live operators are available to assist your clients or customers around the clock so that their issues can always be handled professionally
  • we can provide you with toll-free “800” numbers to coincide with your current local phone number which enables you to expand into regional and national markets if you are a medical professional or in the repair and service industries, your 24/7 coverage enables the handling of their emergency calls o the most cost-effective and high-quality scheduling capabilities so you never miss important appointments as well as handling any cancellations or confirmations that may arise during the day or night
  • we provide your business with award-winning and professional customer service levels to create the potential of increased sales with higher lead generations
  • Automated customized greetings, option of multilingual staff and virtual office assistance
  • Web conferencing, VoIP and fax services
  • Email, SMS and text messaging capacity


If you would like more information about how our live answering service in New York can benefit your business, or to answer any of your questions, please contact us at the toll-free number listed at the top of this page.