Staten Island New York Answering Service

If you are self employed, have a start up or running a small business in Staten Island, you do require assistants round the clock. However, it may not always be cost effective for your business but you cannot afford to lose business either, thus hiring an New York answering service to take your calls and messages and look after other aspects may be the right answer.

Located in the southwest portion of the greater NYC area is Staten Island, one of the 5 boroughs that make up New York City. Despite being the 3rd largest of the 5 boroughs in the NYC area, it is the smallest population wise with just under a half a million residents. Interestingly enough, the name Staten Island did not exist until 1975 when it was officially changed from the Borough of Richmond.

Regardless of the above, Staten Island has a thriving business community that attracts residents from all over the greater New York City area. But not all of them have taken advantage of the numerous benefits that a 24×7 live answering service can provide them with. Whether you realize it or not, a Staten Island answering service can not only ensure that you never miss an important call, it can help you to expand your business so you stay ahead of your competition.

Answering Service Care knows that missing important business calls are not conducive to the survival of any business. Ironically, the business community and residents of Staten Island have nicknamed the area as the “forgotten borough” of New York City because they feel that they are oftentimes neglected by the city’s government. However, if you saw how well these businesses are thriving and providing residents of the borough with the products and/or services they need, you would never imagine that it is a neglected community.

One of the most vital decisions that you could make is to hire the services of a Staten Island answering service that will facilitate the needs of your business so that you never miss out on important appointments and business calls ever again. Additionally, the right Staten Island live answering service can help you with your business expansion goals by providing a higher level of service to your clients and customers.

Answering Service Care is family owned and operated and has provided all US states and other countries with an experienced, high-quality, and trusted answering service for over 35 years. We are confident that we can target your specific business needs in order to help you achieve your long-term goals. You will never have to worry about staying connected with your client or customer base no matter how extensive it is.

However, there are so many other benefits that a high-quality Staten Island answering service can provide you and your business with including:

  • Local and toll-free telephone numbers which give you the appearance of a national company, not just one in the local area
  • Complete 24×7 emergency services for a variety of professionals such as repair or service industry technicians, and medical professionals such as physicians and dentists
  • Cancellations or confirmations of appointments as well as scheduling them through our multi-user web-based scheduling software
  • Facilitating web conferencing, VoIP, fax and message retrieval facilities
  • Call routing and forwarding, Fulfillment and disaster recovery services
  • E-commerce and call center facilities


Answering Service Care features the most innovative and state-of-the-art methodologies provided by any live answering services in the Staten Island area. And that is a plus for you and your business. If you would like more information about how our Staten Island live answering service can effectively benefit your business, or if you need answers to any of your questions, please feel free to contact us at the toll-free 800 number.