Custom On-Hold Music

Give your callers on hold something both pleasant and helpful to listen to!

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Custom On-Hold Music From Your Answering Service

Custom on-hold music is an easy and convenient way to keep your telephone answering service customers happy and informed while waiting for an agent or operator.

Custom on-hold music goes way beyond marketing

Custom on-hold music is a great way to keep your customers focused and interested in your company while they’re waiting their turn in the phone queue. A great thing about custom on-hold music is that it can literally work its magic for any type of business, from a medical office to a legal firm to a funeral home to a real estate office or retail or eCommerce shop.

Ways to Use Custom On-Hold Music

Although we call it custom on-hold music, our service doesn’t strictly have to be limited to tunes. Any digital audio content can be programmed into your on-hold music, including advertisements, cross-promotions and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Although you should include some music between audio segments, these are a few ways you can use your custom on-hold music:

It may go without saying, but your customers’ satisfaction is everything these days. By choosing music that you know they will love, you build a stronger bond with them. 

You may frequently have callers who withstand long queues just to ask simple questions. Instead of giving them no other options, you can answer the most common inquiries during your on-hold music! Customers who are holding for an operator are often willing to take automated advice from your system, especially if your instructions are clear and in plain language.

Many companies offer packages or services that may include options that customers don’t entirely understand or haven’t explored. 

If your catalog is extensive or you’ve just added new products, your customers might not yet know you have exactly what they need already in stock. A great way to improve cash flow is to run short promotional pieces that explain new arrivals or items that are complementary to popular products.The higher your customers’ awareness, the more likely they are to make additional purchases while they’re on the phone or at a later time.

Ways to Use Custom On-Hold Music

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