3 Benefits of an After-Hours Answering Service

24/7 Live Answering Service

No matter how dedicated you are to your business, it is not possible to answer every single phone call around the clock. Businesses of all sizes and industries partner with after-hours answering services to deliver terrific customer service to callers on nights, weekends, and holidays- without having to sacrifice their much-needed time off. Here are some of the ways that you and your business can instantly start benefitting when you partner with an after-hours answering service.

Time off that is truly time off

How many times have you left the office or shut down the computer for the day, but continued to take work calls? The fear of missing out on business opportunities causes you to miss out on sleep, quality time with your family, and time to relax and recharge. Working around the clock leads to burnout, which can end up hurting you and your business in the long run.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your time off without the interruption of a ringing phone? When you partner with an after-hours answering service, your calls will forward to a live agent who can schedule appointments, qualify leads, answer general questions, take detailed messages, and more. Your nights and weekends will be yours to enjoy so you can return to work feeling refreshed and motivated.

No more lost business opportunities during non-business hours

While some business owners answer after-hours calls at the expense of their relaxation time, others turn off the phone and let callers leave messages. The problem with this is that a high percentage of callers would rather hang up than leave a voicemail. Instead, they will call your competitors until someone answers and assists them.

Continually sending callers to voicemail can add up to lots of lost revenue over time. If your business receives a high volume of calls at night and on weekends, an after-hours answering service can help. Your office may only be open 9 to 5, but that doesn’t mean you can’t convert leads, impress customers and increase your revenue during non-business hours.

More happy, appreciative customers

Perhaps it is the only chance they had all day to make a call. Maybe an emergency has occurred. Either way, when a customer or prospect calls your business after hours, they’re doing it because they need assistance. Being there for them in their time of need is one of the most basic ways to show them that you genuinely care.

You’ve heard the saying, “A satisfied customer tells at least three friends after a great experience…” When customers feel valued, they will have more trust and confidence in your company. They will continue to give you their business and tell their friends and family. It’s typically cheaper and easier to retain customers than to acquire new ones, but consistently delivering exceptional service can help you accomplish both. As one of the best 24/7 live answering services, the Answering Service Care team is here to provide friendly, compassionate customer support whenever you need support- day, night, weekends, even New Year’s Day.

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