3 Ways An Emergency Answering Service Is Great Customer Service

You want to give your customers the very best customer service you can, of course you do.

But you also have to go home at some point and you simply can’t afford to have a full staff manning the phones all night long. The voicemail system you have set up doesn’t seem to be enough, and you just really don’t think you can handle another late-night call to ask about your operating hours coming to your personal cell phone.

What else can you do to ensure that those callers who really need you badly can get their message through? Have you considered an emergency answering service?

An Emergency Answering Service = Perfect Customer Service Companion

You strive for excellence in customer service, but you’re really just stretching yourself too thin by taking calls when you’re at work and while you’re supposed to be shaking off the dirt of the day. You can’t keep going like this or your small business is going to start to feel the pain, too.

Instead of circling the drain, you could be reaping the benefits of an emergency answering service, including:

  • Leaving your callers in the hands of professional telephone operators. When customers reach your emergency answering service after hours, they’ll get a friendly voice who will ask the right questions to get to the bottom of the issue at hand.If they simply want to know when they can come in to exchange an item, your operator can handle that call for you. More complicated callers that don’t have emergencies can leave messages and be reassured that you’ll call them back in the morning with more information. The rare ones that demand your immediate attention will be patched to you or an on-call person for the kind of customer service that built your business or practice.
  • Having time to relax with friends and family. It might not seem like a benefit right now, but when you’re always on call, you’re not really fully engaged with anything you’re doing. You’re always a little tense, waiting for the phone to ring. Is it going to ring now? How about now? Is it ringing? You can’t go anywhere, do anything, make any plans for fear that your phone may ring.This is why an emergency answering service is a necessity for any successful business, it’s a solution to the problem of burnout. You may not realize it yet, but you’re on the verge. Take a step back and spend some time living your life.
  • Being fresh and ready to provide the service you’re known for every day. A restful night’s sleep, knowing your emergency answering service was watching the phones on your behalf, has never been a better business asset.You’ll come in to work energized and ready to deal with any problems that come your way. Customers will notice the difference, they’ll engage more deeply and they’ll tell their friends. Spreading the load doesn’t mean shrugging off responsibility, it just means you’ve recognized where you could use a hand. 

An emergency answering service isn’t for everybody, but not everybody cares about delivering the best service to their customers. Business growth necessitates going out on a limb and partnering up with other companies who are experts in their field, and an emergency answering service is a great place to start as you begin to expand!

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