4 Benefits of a Property Management Answering Service in a Pandemic

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been feeling increased levels of anxiety. They’re worried about everything from their health to their finances, and some are struggling to make rent payments.

The pandemic has also changed the way businesses operate. Property managers and landlords are dealing with rent strikes, staffing decreases, and finding ways to stay safe on the job. As a result, many have turned to property management answering services.

Offer better tenant support with a property management answering service

When you partner with a property management answering service, our friendly and professional virtual receptionists will be your tenant’s first point of contact. Callers will be greeted with a welcoming voice and receive fast, efficient service. Your virtual receptionist can help manage requests, schedule appointments, send follow up emails, take messages, escalate emergency issues, and much more. This will free up your time to make sure that issues are being dealt with promptly, rather than spending most of the day juggling phone calls.

Below we will explain four benefits of partnering with a property management answering service, particularly during a pandemic.

An answering service helps property managers keep up with more calls

Before the pandemic, people would often just walk into a property manager’s office if they had an issue. Now with social distancing, they are more likely to call. If you’re suddenly overwhelmed with more incoming calls than ever, an answering service can help! Simply forward your calls to our virtual receptionists, and they will provide high-quality service to your tenants. If you need support during non-business hours, we can also help with that! Our virtual receptionists are available on nights, weekends, and holidays!

A property management answering service means better customer service

Has a staff reduction has resulted in phone calls going unanswered and slower responses to maintenance inquiries? A decrease in the quality of your customer support and response times can significantly impact your tenant’s experience. In this unprecedented time, excellent service is more important than ever. Simply answering the phone and saying, “Hello, how may I help you?” has never been more important. 

You’ll spend less time talking about problems, and more time solving them

Many of the calls that property managers receive are from tenants reporting the same common issues. Their dishwasher is leaking, they only have cold water, or they’re locked out of their home. Does this sound familiar?

A property management answering service provides support to these callers and can schedule appointments to resolve their issues. Spending less time on the phone gives you more time to focus on the tasks that only you can do. This is especially helpful if you are short-staffed due to the pandemic.

A property management answering service handles spam calls

Property managers are no stranger to spam phone calls. From rental listing fraud to vendors trying to sell you things, the wasted time adds up.

Stop losing time with unwanted calls by outsourcing to a property management answering service. Our trained live agents will ask the right questions to qualify calls according to your processes. They will identify emergency issues, and make sure that they are handled quickly.

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