4 Pandemic-Related Problems that an Answering Service Solves

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Almost any entrepreneur will attest that owning and running a small business is anything but easy. While there has always been a number of challenges associated with running a business, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new set of unique obstacles. The pandemic has impacted most small businesses in one way or another. If your business has been hurting due to the situation, you are not alone.

Business owners today must go the extra mile to reassure customers and make sure that they are following best practices to keep everyone healthy and safe, all while continuing to be profitable. With some forced to close their doors, business owners have had to come up with new ways to generate income on the fly.

How can an answering service help my business through the pandemic?

In these unprecedented times, many business owners have turned to an answering service to help solve their pandemic-related problems. An answering service can lighten your load by answering general questions that callers have, filling in for sick receptionists and furloughed employees, and stepping in if you’re suddenly overwhelmed with work.

Here, we will explain four pandemic-related problems that an answering service solves.

Problem 1: Customers calling and asking the same questions over and over

The pandemic has businesses revising their operating hours, updating their delivery options, and altering the products and services that they offer. These changes can leave customers feeling curious, uncertain, and confused. As a result, businesses are seeing an influx of calls from customers seeking answers to general questions.

If calls like this are distracting you and your team and decreasing productivity, consider having an answering service manage your phones. Your virtual receptionist can answer these frequently asked questions, and also schedule appointments, take messages, and route calls to the appropriate department. 

Problem 2: Sick receptionists and employees are causing you to lose business

What if you or your receptionist gets sick or suddenly needs to take time off without any notice? Business owners, you need a continuation plan! An answering service can provide coverage whenever you need it. Our virtual receptionists are available when you or your employees need time off, as well as during non-business hours. If your business is missing calls at night or on weekends, an answering service is the solution.

Problem 3: You had to furlough employees, and now you’re overwhelmed

If you had to let go of some employees and callers are now getting sent to voicemail, it’s time to partner with a telephone answering service. Outsourcing ensures that you are still able to provide your customers with excellent service for a fraction of the cost. 

Problem 4: Your business is suddenly overwhelmed with work

While as many as 80% of companies are hurting during the coronavirus pandemic, some small businesses are seeing an uptick in new and returning customers. A virtual receptionist can keep in touch with your clients and perform a variety of simple tasks, freeing you and your staff up to focus on sales, marketing, and managing new clients.

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