5 Benefits of a 24-Hour Answering Service for Personal Injury Lawyers

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For any business, missed calls often mean lost opportunities. In the personal injury law field, calls come in at all hours of the day. When you partner with a 24-hour answering service, you no longer need to worry about missing calls or being glued to your phone. A professional live agent is available to answer calls at all hours, so you can pour your energy into winning more cases and relaxing more in the evenings.

Below we will discuss five benefits of a 24-hour answering service for personal injury lawyers.

24/7 call answering support

In an industry where accidents and emergencies happen around the clock, it’s important that people can get in touch 24/7. No matter the situation, your customers deserve to talk to a compassionate live agent who understands their needs.

No one dealing with a crisis wants to be sent to voicemail. In such a competitive field, it is vital that you provide a live person to assist your callers during their time of need, regardless of the hour. Here are Answering Service Care, our live agents are available day and night to make sure your customers are cared for. 

Compassionate live assistance

Most people who need a personal injury attorney have just been in some type of accident. They are stressed, in pain, and afraid. What they need is to speak with a caring human who will help them through this difficult time. Partnering with a legal answering service ensures that your callers will be assisted by trained professionals who are empathetic, compassionate, and kind. 

Bilingual support

It’s important that your business is accessible to all types of people. Imagine getting into an awful accident, only to call a personal injury law firm that doesn’t understand what you’re saying.

Offering bilingual support through a live answering service enables you to provide quality service to Spanish speakers. Answering Service Care proudly offers bilingual operators to help your Spanish-speaking callers in their time of need, opening your personal injury law firm up to more clientele. 

HIPAA-compliant answering services

Personal injury law firms deal with private health information and are required by law to partner with vendors that are HIPAA-compliant. While it may be cheaper to go with a regular answering service that isn’t HIPAA compliant, a mishandling of your client’s health records could result in hefty fines and loss of trust. Answering Service Care is proud to be fully compliant with the most updated HIPAA rules and regulations regarding patients and their personal health information.

Disaster recovery answering services

Being a personal injury lawyer means being there for your clients, but what if your office experiences a natural disaster? In addition to after-hours coverage, Answering Service Care provides disaster recovery answering services if you are unreachable due to a hurricane, fire, flood, or other catastrophes. Our highly trained agents work from quiet offices all around the country and can greet and assist callers, helping your business operate and recover after the unthinkable.

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