It’s the Perfect Time to Work with a Remote Receptionist- Here’s Why!

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As the United States slowly reopens, the post-Covid workplace looks a bit different for many companies. While some businesses are bringing their entire staff back into the office, others are opting for more flexible models or even letting employees continue to work full-time from home.

Regardless of which path your business is taking, partnering with the remote receptionists of a live answering service can be an effective, cost-efficient solution. Here are four reasons why it has never been a better time to work with a remote receptionist!

Remote work is here to stay

As businesses reopen their offices, some are struggling to get employees back to their desks. At the peak of the pandemic, 69% of U.S. employees worked remotely- and 82% want it to stay that way.

If you’re going to let your receptionists work remotely, you might as well partner with a live answering service. Not only will this help you cut costs, but you will be working with operators who have been working remotely long before the Covid outbreak. Here at Answering Service Care, our live agents have been delivering the friendliest, most professional customer service since 1974. They know how to assist all types of callers, and can offer bilingual support, disaster recovery, and HIPAA compliant answering services if needed.

A remote receptionist is cheaper than an in-house employee

The costs associated with commercial office space, equipment, technology, employee recruitment and training, vacation time, sick days, and overtime pay aren’t cheap. The good news is that partnering with a live answering service eliminates all of them.

A recent study showed that companies save an average of $22,000 per remote employee. While it may be vital that certain employees work out of your office, a receptionist is not one of them. What could you do with the money saved by working with a remote receptionist?

Remote receptionists offer 24/7 coverage

If your business is missing calls during non-business hours, a live answering service can help! We offer 24/7/365 coverage, and it will likely cost much less than hiring multiple in-house receptionists. More calls answered means more opportunities to grow your business while also impressing your customers and leads.

Your callers will never know the difference

When someone calls your business, they care about one thing: being assisted in a timely, efficient manner. Whether they’re looking to have a question answered, schedule an appointment, or be transferred to an extension, they just want to check the task off their to-do list and move on with their day. These callers do not particularly care who helps them or where this individual is located just as long as they are helped.

At Answering Service Care, our live agents work in quiet environments and are focused on one thing: providing your callers with the very best service. They receive specialized training before answering callers on behalf of your business, and they likely have experience in your industry. With their high level of knowledge and professionalism, our callers will never know that they aren’t full-time employees working out of your office.

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