The Benefits of Having an Answering Service When Disaster Strikes

Wouldn’t it be great if everything in your business life ran smoothly?

If there were never emergencies to handle and you were always there to answer your business line, it would be smooth sailing for you and your company? Unfortunately, we live in the real world and there could be any number of disasters that pop up to throw a wrench in your plans, business or otherwise.

Emergency situations can range from mildly inconvenient (like a delay in shipping) to dangerous and life threatening (like a hurricane). When the latter strikes, you want to be sure that your incoming calls get handled promptly, professionally and helpfully – especially if you are in an industry or area that is directly involved.

Using an answering service for your company calls is a good idea at any point, but very important when disaster strikes. Here’s why:

Your callers get personal attention. In the midst of a crisis, the last thing your clients want to reach is a recorded answering message. They need help and don’t want to wait for the beep, and then wait for you to call them back. With a professional answering service already in place, your callers can reach a live person who can offer reassurance and information that they need.

Your staff is free to focus on the crises. If your staff is heavily involved in disaster recovery, it may not have the time or the ability to focus on incoming calls. For example, if a tornado hit your area, your medical office employees may be handling new patients and delivering on-site emergency help. An answering service can help them stay involved in the recovery without worrying about missing important calls back at the office.

Your callers feel supported. An answering service receptionist can provide reassurance and understanding to the callers’ needs, and help route them to where they need to go. They’ll feel supported and your staff can focus on the crises right in front of them.

You’ll receive every truly important call. You don’t have time in an emergency situation to take every call that comes your way – and there could be a lot if your business is directly involved in disaster recovery. Fortunately, virtual answering services can screen your calls and only forward the most important callers to your line. The other callers will feel supported, but you won’t have to get bogged down with the volume of incoming calls.

It’s always best to be prepared. Since you can’t predict when disaster will strike, and you can’t rely on a completely smooth business life, get the answering service you need now. You’ll be able to handle whatever emergency situation comes your way; all while keeping customer satisfaction high.



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