Allison Deveaugh

This month we sat down with Allison Deveaugh, a Customer Service Agent on our Answering Care Team. Allison has been with ASC since August of 2016. 

What is your role with the company?

I work for the answering service so I take messages for different companies. I take customers’ messages. Sometimes, I go online and make appointments for them.

One of the areas we help with involve pets with microchips—we get online and help with that. We get the identification number and we give whatever contact information is available when a pet is lost and/or found.

My region is Florida, but depending on the call load, I can get calls from anywhere. We and our clients have people calling from all over.

As soon as I finish one call, I’m ready for the next call. 

What is it like to work with this company?

Everybody here at Answering Service Care is great.

Everyone is very helpful. I still consider myself a “newbie,” and there is still much to learn. Each client has different requirements and ways to relay and dispatch the messages, so with thousands of clients, there is always something new. Everybody is absolutely wonderful as far as helping. They take care of everybody here really well.

Managers here work very hard to maintain a positive atmosphere. They recognize birthdays, jobs well done and compliments from customers. They are always checking on everybody. It’s not like you’re on your own, you’re supported and guided. And they use the word “family” a lot, which is accurate and a big theme around here. They work their best to accommodate everyone, and that means a lot. 

Have you learned any important lessons while working here in this job?

It can be frustrating when you are trying to help someone and they are angry or you can’t understand them well. I know it’s not personal and I try not to let it bother me.

My whole career has been in customer service. I used to travel and install computers and train people, and I know that when you are training adults, you need to have a lot of patience.

What kinds of things do you like to do outside of work?

I volunteer at the American Legion. Once a month, we have veterans come from a nursing home and we feed them.

I also have a few nieces, and I like to spend time with them and their kids.

I was born and raised in North Miami Beach. I moved back here 3.5 years ago. I lived in Georgia for 32 years. It was a big change moving back here. I’m getting there.


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