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3 Benefits To Hiring A Virtual Receptionist

When the telephone rings, are you the first one to answer it?

Do you have a voicemail box that goes unanswered or unchecked for days at a time?

If you’re an overworked small business owner, there’s a really good chance that your phone callers (and your phone!) are suffering big time. You could try to hire more staff to help, but it’s not really in the budget. Thankfully, there’s another avenue that you’ve probably not even considered: the virtual receptionist. After all, no one needs to know that your very polite and efficient receptionist isn’t physically located in your location, only that he or she is very polite and will always get the message to you.

An answering service company is often the best source for virtual reception services, no matter what specific types of duties you’ll expect your new helpers to perform. Even better, these services only charge you for the calls they answer, so it’s an affordable solution for even the smallest of businesses and easily scales up as your company grows.

Here are three more benefits to hiring a virtual receptionist:

  • Neat, organized call logs ready for call-backs. Your voicemail is probably clogged with callers who simply ask you to “call me back” or who leave incomplete messages. It’s difficult to prioritize these calls when you’re not really sure who actually has an urgent need and who is just calling to ask a quick question.Your virtual receptionist will take a thorough message that includes vitals, as well as ask probing questions to ensure you know exactly how to help that caller before you pick up the phone.
  • Expanded reach to enable 24/7 customer care. When people really need you, they pick up the phone and call, and they don’t usually think to wait until the morning since larger competitors are available around the clock. You can expand your reach with the help of a virtual receptionist, as well as reassure troubled callers that you’re listening and are available if their problem necessitates it.After all, you’ve probably given your answering service instructions on how to reach you if your customers call with a serious problem that needs to be addressed right away.
  • Appointment scheduling for caller convenience. It may be difficult for your customers to call to make an appointment during your regular hours since they have to work their own jobs during the same time frame. Having a 24/7 virtual receptionist gives them the ability to make appointments when it’s convenient, so they only have to take off work for the actual appointment, instead of having to also clock out to schedule the time slot, too. It’s a little convenience that can return big time in caller happiness.

Hiring a virtual receptionist is about more than just trying to make your company look more professional or give an impression of being much larger than you really are. Even bigger small businesses can benefit massively from the help of an answering service, especially when that means happier customers and better online reviews.


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