Answering Service, Meet Salesforce: Integrated, Streamlined, Efficient (Part 1 of 2)

This is part one in a two-part series. Read part two here.  

Sales Force is known as the world’s #1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – and for good reason.

CRM is all about managing your relationships with current and prospective customers/clients/patients. It’s difficult (if not impossible) to build and grow your business or practice without a sound CRM strategy and without the right processes in place. Businesses and practices of all sizes that use Salesforce know firsthand just how empowering and effective the right CRM can be.

How Well Is Your CRM Working For You?

A powerful CRM involves different areas of your business or practice, including but not limited to sales. Marketing, customer service and other “customer-facing” areas and departments can and should all be part of your CRM approach.

A big part of that approach likely takes into account all of the current and prospective client/customer/patient and prospect calls and web inquiries you receive. But, then, things might get a bit dicey. Perhaps you don’t have an efficient, streamlined way to get those new prospects or leads into your system. Perhaps you get them into the system, but it takes too long because someone on your team needs to get around to doing it manually. Or, once it gets in the system it’s not easily accessible to all team members.

Whatever your current challenge, chances are you have prospective business coming in through your telephone lines and website, but you don’t (yet) have the most cost-effective and efficient way of integrating that lead information into your existing sales database. 

Where Salesforce Meets Your Answering Service

As a leading U.S.-based answering service, we have heard time and again over the years how frustrating it can be for some clients to have to manually enter lead information into their CRM, such as Salesforce, after receiving calls and messages through their answering service. After hearing of this common issue enough times, we decided do something about it and offer our clients a solution that solves the problem and puts them ahead of the pack.

It goes without saying that people want to work in the environment in which they are most comfortable. They want to work as efficiently and easily as possible – with the best possible results. They – and their bottom line – prefer automated solutions over manual tasks. They want to see a good ROI on tools they invest in – such as Salesforce.

What did we do? Our Answering Service Care technology team created a proprietary web-to-lead integration tool that allows our clients using Salesforce to have their caller information entered automatically, instantly and seamlessly.

The result? No more manual entering and re-entering of information, no room for human error, real-time information and more!

Read more about our web-to-lead integration in part two of this two-part series.

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