5 Benefits of Using a Dentist Answering Service

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With so much going on in the business of a dentist, the importance of an answering service is becoming more and more popular. As technology improves, so do the tools to make a business run more efficiently, and that’s where the dentist answering services advantages come into play.

While every dental practice operates in the way that suits it best, there are common scenarios that each business experiences. Similarly, even though each dentist’s office operates in its own way, the dentist answering services benefits can be tailored to the workflow at hand. The list below takes a look at some of the benefits of dentist answering services.

Dentist communicating with patient in the dentist office.

1. Maximize Your Time

If you are wondering about the dentist answering service perks, then you likely have a practice that is busy on a regular basis, taking phone calls all the time. Some of these phone calls might be about scheduling appointments, while others might have questions about treatments, and still, others might want to discuss aspects of their insurance policy.

This high volume of calls and messages can bog down the system, if not tended to in real-time. But a dentist’s office staff has enough to handle all of the internal operations of the business, as well as deal with patients one on one. Answering the phones, taking messages, and being ready to receive calls on a 24/7/365 basis is necessary, but not always an option for the staff.

This ability to maximize the time of the staff as well as the dentists makes a dentist answering service worth it. Having all of your on-call, after-hours calls received is a benefit of dentist answers services that is hard to pass up. And 24/7/365 means precisely that, from nights to weekends to holidays, your dental practice won’t miss a call, or fail to receive a message.

2. Handle Calls More Efficiently

With so many calls coming through, it can be difficult to decipher the importance of one call from another. Not to say that any callers are not important, but some might have more urgent needs, whether in the form of a dental emergency, or a last-second scheduling change request. As such, these calls need to be deciphered, organized and transferred appropriately.

A major perk of dentist answering services is the ability to operate on your time. Or, to put it another way, think of the dentist answering service as an extension of your business, which means catering answering protocols to your needs, not the other way around.

Therefore, if you have a particular system for emergency calls already, there is no reason to change that. The professional dentist answering service team will facilitate the calls accordingly in the way that works best for your business and operation.

3. Protect the Patient

Another major benefit of a dentist answering service is that it makes sure the patient is heard. Whatever the patient’s problem (or question) might be, the professional answering staff makes sure the call or message is transferred or sent to where they need to be. This helps the entire business operate more efficiently while keeping the patients comfortable.

However, when dealing with a dentist’s office, there are many issues that patients wish to keep private, whether dental or financial related. There is no reason that a dentist answering service would violate this privacy, and in fact, they can ensure it. For instance, a dentist answering service should be HIPAA compliant, providing peace of mind for both the dental office and staff, as well as the patient.

And HIPAA compliance means facilitating secure messaging as well, so if sensitive information needs to be sent to a dentist, there is no concern about its privacy and directness.

4. Keep Operations Moving Forward

There are so many moving parts to running a dental practice. Naturally, you have a solid staff keeping the wheels moving forward, but there are some of these efforts that are perks of a dentist answering service. For instance, scheduling appointments is a dentist answering service advantage, and it is clear to understand why.

Appointment scheduling is necessary for a dental practice to thrive, but it is a time-consuming and sometimes tedious process. However, it doesn’t have to be.

You can streamline the process through a partnership with a dentist answering service. From scheduling to rescheduling to last-minute cancellations to emergencies, wouldn’t you rather just be able to check the list and see who is on the schedule? Of course, you would.

5. Be Available for All Patients

The importance of a dentist answering service is that it also enables nothing to slip through the cracks. Specifically, a language barrier should not be a problem, and with a professional answering service in your corner, it won’t be.

A dentist answering service makes sure no errors are made when it comes to discussions with patients. But it also provides peace of mind, since you are sure that everyone who calls is being heard and taken care of. Additionally, taking advantage of dentist answering services lets patients know their calls matter to your practice, which is one of the most important factors of all. Patients are calling for a reason, and they want to feel confident that their question or concern is being handled promptly and with care.

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With all of the technology at our fingertips, and the increased and simplified avenues of communication, there are no excuses for language barriers to get in the way of a patient calling a dental practice. And because of this, patients expect it.

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