3 Alternatives to Having a Business Phone Line on a Personal Cell Phone: Answering Services for Small Businesses

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The debate about whether or not you need a landline for your business has been answered, and that answer is no. The landline is phasing out for both households as well as businesses. But this doesn’t mean you are out of options when it comes to adding a business line for your organization.

There are various ways you can add an alternate phone number for your business without having to go through the work of a physical landline, or even a physical desk phone. Technology has simplified the game when it comes to business phone services, and this means business calls and messages have been simplified as well.

If you are looking to add an alternate phone number for your business, then read on, as we will highlight some of the alternative options that are available to you.

Answering Services for Small Businesses

Remember the days when a desk phone was always in the same spot in the office, and if multiple people were calling at once then the small lights would illuminate on the various lines? While it might be nostalgic for some, it was certainly not the most efficient when it came to providing top-notch customer service.

Today, the cell phone has revolutionized everything. Making calls easier to track, messages easier to receive, and numbers easier to store for future use. However, this convenience has also created headaches for some, as people have merged their personal phone numbers with their business numbers.

This wasn’t necessarily an intentional transition, but one that came out of pure ease and accessibility. Especially at a time when there are so many people working from the comfort of their own homes, or businesses operating out of shared workspaces.

And while there are some people that carry two cell phones to try and keep their respective calls independent, there are others who wonder if they can simply add a business number to their cell phone. The answer is yes, you can add a business line on your personal cell phone, but this brings up another question. Do you really want to?

There are apps and various software programs that enable you to add a business phone number on your cell phone, making your single device the main tool for all of your business and personal outlets. But this can lead to a non-stop flow of calls and text messages and can bog down your time instead of making your business more flexible or efficient.

So what are the alternatives? Let’s break down a few.

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1. Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice Over Internet Protocol phone systems (also known as VOIP phones) is a service through which you can use your business internet connection as your phone service. After all, every business needs internet service nowadays, so why not lump your phone service right into it? Sure, we understand the appeal, but there are also some drawbacks to this digital design.

Since VOIP technology relies on internet service, it is not the best fit for every business, because the internet service needs to have sufficient bandwidth. If your internet is being pulled in many different directions, you don’t want to have your calls dropped or your reception sound unclear.

Additionally, a VOIP business phone service might require maintenance from time to time. If your business doesn’t have an on-site IT person, then you might not want to mess with this option.

2. Call Forwarding Number

It is possible to set up a phone line that forwards calls to another phone, such as your cell phone. This is different from using your cell phone number as your business number, but you can see how it creates some of the same “separation” problems.

Sure, creating an avenue for clients to reach you is important, but having two lines synced to the same device can create work/balance issues down the road. On one hand, your customers will appreciate that their calls are going through, which gives the impression that your business cares about them.

On the other hand, this is more about convenience than efficiency, and won’t ease the number of business calls on your cell phone.

3. Answering Service for Small Businesses

The best approach to keeping your customers happy and your time efficiently spent is to partner with a small business answering service. This is better than simply adding an alternate phone number for your business on your cell phone for not only the reasons mentioned above, but many more!

For instance, you can work with your small business answering service to establish a workflow that works best for the type of business you operate. After all, every business isn’t the same, which means every type of business phone service shouldn’t be the same.

Adding a business phone service into your workflow can make your business more efficient. Your customers will always get through, regardless of the time of day, and be able to leave a message if you are unavailable. Set protocols for things like emergencies or timely messages. You can even have your small business answering service text a return number on your business cell phone, so no time is wasted.

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Partnering with a small business answering service is a way to make sure you stay timely, your business stays efficient, and your customers stay happy. Regardless of what type of business you run, a call answering service is a way to make you stand out above your competitors.

Your customers want to be able to reach you when they need to, and they want to be heard. This is what good customer service is all about, and with a small business answering service, you can achieve this.

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