Comparing Answering Service Care and Other Answering Services

Answering Service

As a service-oriented business, Answering Service Care is proud of our reputation as one of the best answering service companies in the industry. We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we are committed to constantly innovating and developing features that offer the most value to our clients. To give you an idea of what makes us stand out, here are some features we offer that you cannot get from all of the other answering services out there!

100% U.S. based bilingual virtual receptionists

Some other answering services only employ virtual receptionists who are located in other countries around the world. Answering Service Care is proud to offer a team of professional, educated live receptionists- all of whom are located right here in the United States. Our receptionists are all native English speakers; however, we also offer Spanish-speaking bilingual virtual receptionists to our clients who can benefit from this feature.

Lots of ways to communicate with your customers

Your customers don’t only use the telephone to communicate these days, so why should your business? As customer expectations increase, it is up to your business to adapt and evolve- or get left behind. When you partner with Answering Service Care, our friendly live agents can monitor and assist customers via phone, email, and text message.

Outbound voice broadcasting services

It is said that effective communication is a two-way street, and sometimes it’s necessary for a business to contact their customers to get an important message out. If you have an upcoming event, a special limited-time promotion, or an urgent message that you need your customers to know about immediately, our outbound voice broadcasting services can help you get the job done. Answering Service Care is excited to be launching our voice broadcasting feature in Q1 of 2021.

Manage your account easily with the ASC Mobile app

We are always looking for new, innovative ways to support our clients and make their lives easier. We are committed to helping them save time, money, and headache, which is why we developed the ASC Mobile app for easier account management. Our app makes it simple for business leaders to receive message notifications, listen to their messages from anywhere, rate our performance, change an on-call contact, pay a bill, and more.

We’re always coming up with ways to help you save money

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your business’ incoming call volume, an answering service is typically more cost-efficient than hiring a new employee. It is a lot cheaper to only pay for the calls that are answered by your virtual receptionist, versus an hourly rate, benefits, equipment, sick days, etc. But what if your business is receiving dozens, or even hundreds, of robocalls per week?

Answering Service Care’s Spam Blocker feature offers an extra layer of protection by filtering out automated spam calls before they are even answered. We will absolutely not charge you for robocalls, and we can even display the number of minutes you saved as a result of our Spam Blocker filter!

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