3 Tips for Improving Contractor Customer Service

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As a contractor, you understand the importance of constantly improving contractor customer service. Working directly with customers on a regular basis means you need to be able to communicate effectively and clearly, leaving no room for misunderstanding, and getting the job done the way they want, and in the way that makes the most sense for everyone. You also understand that this is not always the easiest thing to do. 

Regardless of the type of services you provide as a contractor, each customer is unique in what they want, and in how they go about communicating their concerns or requests. This means you need to be able to meet your customers on their level, communicating with them in ways that they understand but also agree with. 

After all, better contractor customer service doesn’t merely mean doing a better job, but it also means helping the customer understand why you are doing things the way you are, and explaining to them why this method of approach is more advantageous than another. Simply put, this comes down to coherence and conversation tactics.  

There are many ways to better your contractor customer service development, and while some might be unique to the type of contractor service you provide, there are some that are more general and can be applied across the board. The biggest one — communication.

But communication is not always as cut and dry as it seems, and to really improve contractor customer service, you need to not only understand how to better your communication skills, but speak to your customers on their level, and in the manner that suits them the best. 

Here are a few tips for improving contractor customer service through better communication.

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1. Always Be Available

Better contractor customer service means listening to the needs of your customers, and these needs don’t always keep regular working hours. If a customer has a concern and wants it taken care of, then you need to be able to receive that concern. However, don’t misunderstand that this means you have to address the problem right then and there. This would not be realistic. 

The point of being available is to hear what your customer has to say and then work out a time to attend to the issue. In some instances, the issues might be an emergency, and your services are required immediately. Other times, you will be able to schedule an appointment for another date. Even so, being available means assessing the customer’s concern in real time and establishing a plan of action going forward.

If you are thinking, “there is no way that I can be available 24/7 to answer my customers’ phone calls,” we hear you. This is why a contractor phone answering service is recommended. 

Incorporating the services of a contractor phone answering service is a way to improve your contractor’s customer service, since no calls will be missed, and no messages will slip by the wayside. Whether you are on a job, taking time off for a holiday, or simply unable to answer your phone for one reason or another, a dedicated contractor phone answering service will ensure that your clients are heard, and their needs or concerns are communicated and recorded.

2. Be On Their Level

Improving customer service for contractors means precisely that—The service needs to be improved. This sounds redundant, but it is worth breaking down further. For instance, it doesn’t only mean doing a better job on the task at hand. Like the ability to always be available for your customers’ concerns, improving contractor customer service means being able to communicate with customers on their level, or, in their intended language of choice. 

After all, a customer has to explain their concerns, or more accurately, what they are in need of. They need to be able to discuss an issue and what they are looking for in a contractor, and there is no room for miscommunication in this instance. A language barrier should not be an excuse to not get the job done right.

Similar to the first tip, this comes down to taking advantage of a contractor’s phone answering service. Make sure that all of your clients are heard, and that they can speak freely in the way that is most comfortable to them. This not only makes sure the job is taken care of accurately, but it also instills customer trust, which is important for this job as well as any potential jobs down the road. 

Instilling customer trust is a big step forward when it comes to improving contractor customer service because the customer can rest assured knowing they are heard and respected, and that care is being applied to the job at hand. 

3. Be Prepared With Options

Communicating with clients is not only about phone calls. Sure, phone calls are a big part of reaching out to contractors and securing service appointments, but there are additional modes of communication that should be available as well. For instance, what about email? 

In some instances, a customer might have a request that is not an emergency and doesn’t feel like making a call, but rather would like to send an email. Emails also have additional benefits, such as the ability to include long descriptions or perhaps even photos. This can be important for improving contractor customer service because it enables better communication and a more involved understanding of the problem at hand. 

Again, having a dedicated contractor answering service team in your corner can also monitor emails for you. Just like you shouldn’t limit your communication options, a responsible contractor answering service shouldn’t either. 

From monitoring emails to answering phone calls 24/7 to scheduling appointments on your behalf, a contractor answering service can help you better your contractor customer service in a variety of ways, all while you can focus on the job at hand. This means peace of mind for you and peace of mind for your customers. And that’s a win-win. 

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