Different Ways You Can Receive and Retrieve Your Messages

How are you getting messages from your customers?

As you may already know, telephone answering services can help you take calls and deliver great customer service even if you can’t reach the phone personally – but what happens when someone leaves a message?

How can you retrieve your voicemails in the way that is most convenient and accessible for you?

Responding to customer messages = great customer service. Of course, receiving and retrieving messages from your customers is an essential part of great customer service. It is important to note that professional answering services go beyond just managing voicemails.

A live answering service takes the message or voicemail and “pushes” it to you (via the communications method that you have requested) so that you get it quickly and efficiently. In fact, for some answering services, the message-taking process is not considered complete until the message has been transmitted by the answering service operator to the client.

There are many ways to have your messages sent from your answering service directly to you. These include:

  • SMS / text: Your answering service can send you a text message directly to your mobile phone with a link for the phone number called. Click the link, and you’re returning the call!
  • Email: In addition to emails sent directly to you or someone else in your business, you can use the “email groups” option so that the primary and backup person can receive copies of messages at the same time.
  • Pager
  • Fax
  • Secure Message: This is a secure means of communications that complies fully with the privacy laws related to the medical/healthcare fields. As a HIPAA-compliant answering service, we can provide messages through our secure web portal. The system can send the client a text and a link to the secure message center. In just seconds, the client can receive the message in a protected mode.
  • Live: An answering service operator can read the message live via phone.
  • Recorded: Our answering service offers the option of having your messages recorded and preserved for up to three years.

All of these great options mean that when you do choose the right voicemail and answering services, you’ll be able to access your messages conveniently and accurately every time so you can stay on top of customer needs, respond quickly and manage messages more efficiently than ever before!

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