Does My Law Firm Need a Legal Answering Service?

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Lawyers and attorneys are some of the busiest, most hardworking professionals out there. The average lawyer puts in over 40 hours per week, and many are on call even when they’re not technically working.

Should my law firm outsource to a legal answering service?

Law professionals are pulled in many directions, and many don’t have the time to manage their excess of incoming calls. For some, the overwhelming amount of calls their law firm receives each day is even too much for their team of receptionists and paralegals.

To lighten their load of screening phone calls, conducting client intake, scheduling appointments, and answering general questions, many law firms partner with a legal answering service. An attorney answering service is typically more cost-efficient than hiring an in-house employee, and it clears your schedule and mind to focus on more important things like advising clients, conducting research, negotiating agreements, preparing for court, learning about new laws and regulations, and more.

If you’re trying to decide whether your law firm could benefit from a legal answering service, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I distracted by my constantly ringing phone?

How many times have you answered your phone, only to discover that it was a telemarketer or a wrong number? Even if you return to your work after hanging up, you are surely distracted, and regaining your focus might take a few minutes.

If you answered that “yes,” your constantly ringing phone often distracts you, consider this: when your calls are being forwarded to a remote live agent, you no longer have to hear it ring and feel compelled to answer it.

Do I receive a lot of after-hours calls?

Depending on the type of law that you practice, you may receive a number of business calls at odd hours. If people are calling you at times when you wish to be sleeping or spending time with your family, a legal answering service can step in and ensure that these callers still receive personalized assistance. You will be alerted only if certain criteria are met, which you can customize ahead of time. Your callers will be appreciative that they didn’t have to leave a message and wait until Monday morning to speak with someone.

Are a lot of my calls going unanswered?

For law firms, missed calls mean lost leads. If you and your team are not available to speak to people at the moment that they’re looking for a lawyer, they will call the next firm on the list. A legal answering service can step in to handle these calls, and also forward calls, answer general questions, take messages, schedule appointments, and send follow-up emails.

Whether you’re in corporate law, family law, personal injury law, criminal law, immigration law, or another type of law, a legal answering service like Answering Service Care has got you covered. Each of our legal virtual receptionists have received extensive training about confidentiality, and before managing your business’ phones they will learn about your firm and industry.

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