4 Tips for Choosing the Best Legal Answering Service

Legal Answering Service

When it comes to legal answering services, selecting the right one can make all the difference for your firm. There are many factors to consider, from how much coverage you need, to what kind of coverage you need, to which add-on services you can benefit from most. Below we will walk you through four of the most important things to consider when choosing the best answering service for your law firm.

Determine how much coverage you will need

Is your firm unable to keep up with a high call volume during the day? Are callers being sent to voicemail late at night? Whether it’s during business hours, nights, weekends, or all of the above, a legal answering service can provide coverage whenever you need it. Answering Service Care’s live agents are available 24/7, so it’s up to you to determine how much coverage you will need. From there, we will work with you to decide which plan works best for your law firm or create a customized solution to fit your needs.

Automated versus live answering services

Before helping you decide which is a better fit for your firm, allow us to briefly explain the difference between automated and live answering services. Automated phone answering services interact with callers using voice or keyed-in responses, while live answering services provide trained live agents who work remotely to handle your incoming calls.

Automated answering services are sufficient for some businesses, but many law firms opt for live answering services. The reason for this is that many of their callers require service that is friendly, sympathetic, and compassionate. A live agent is all of these things and will ensure that callers receive the highest level of care.

Consider which features your firm can benefit from most

Most answering services offer a variety of features, and they can vary from company to company. When shopping around for an answering service partner, it’s important to look at what makes each company unique. Here at Answering Service Care, we are proud to offer several valuable features:

  • Over 45 years of experience as a leading answering service
  • Bilingual virtual receptionists who are fluent in both English and Spanish
  • A mobile app for easy account management
  • A Spam Blocker feature that saves our clients from paying for the handling of automated spam calls

In addition to the features listed above, many law firms are utilizing our email monitoring services. If your incoming online leads forward to an email address, our live agents can monitor it at all times. Based on your specific instructions and requirements, they will determine which leads need to be contacted ASAP and alert the designated legal representative.

Partner with a HIPAA-compliant answering service

Lawyers, attorneys, and other providers of legal services that handle sensitive private health information are required by law to be HIPAA-compliant. With that said, it is important that the legal answering service that you partner with is also up to date on all HIPAA regulations. While it may seem cheaper to partner with a regular answering service, HIPAA non-compliance can result in severe penalties including fines up to $50,000 per violation.

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