Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

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Times have changed since the days of Ernestine, your friendly – if quirky – neighborhood telephone operator. These days, you just can’t run a top-quality answering service at such a slow and ponderous pace.

As always, Answering Service Care has kept up with the times. We used to assign one of our friendly and fully trained live telephone agents to between 80 and 100 clients. This allowed our staff to be very focused and personal with their assigned clients.

Problem was, it was very inefficient. Often, one agent would be juggling six or eight calls while another agent had none. Today, that type of service would cost you about three times as much as the standard service. Not only that, but the time it takes to answer your calls and the time your customers spend on hold would increase significantly.

If you like, we do offer a special service, called dedicated agents, in which certain agents are assigned specifically to your company. But again, it does cost more. It’s much more efficient – and therefore less costly – to make all of our staff available to process all calls. This is standard industry practice. It provides you with the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

The same logic applies to a client’s desire to have all of its company’s calls answered on the first ring. This can be done, but it requires assigning one agent to handle that account exclusively. This would cost you almost $10,000 a month!

Even if you’re willing to pay that, consider this: we could guarantee answering only one call at a time. What if you received a simultaneous second call? It’s unlikely that second call would be answered by the fourth ring, as business etiquette requires.

Answering Service Care is a big, nationwide company, but we have a small, local feel. We offer a full array of answering services, all tailored to fit your individual needs. We’re truly a virtual office for you and your staff. We’re on the cutting edge of technology, but we offer the kind of old-fashioned service you can trust and rely on – at a fair and reasonable price.

That’s why one thing we’ll never do is try to sell you a service you don’t need. So, of course you can have the personal touch and the guaranteed promptness of dedicated staff service if you prefer, but our “shared” service is an extremely cost-effective alternative. It’s almost as responsive, but at a small fraction of the cost.

Either way, with Answering Service Care, you never miss a call, and every caller, every time, gets a great first impression of your company. We handle your calls with the same care and sensitivity as you would yourself. Our name says it all: we care.

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