Using Answering Services to ease Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, you need to be able to depend on your phone for communication.  Whether you serve patients, clients or customers, they will be relieved to know that you were prepared enough to employ a professional phone system in case of emergency.  Our base routing system ensures that your caller’s message is relayed as quickly as possible to the right person in your organization.  We offer redundant backup systems to make sure that calls are taken care of in the event of a disaster.  We pride ourselves on being dependable and understand that how you handle your callers in a time of need can impact the success of your business.

By setting up call forwarding from your phone to your answering service you can relax knowing that your phone calls will be handled by trained professionals.  Answering Care Service by Answering Service Care makes sure that your calls are not just answered professionally, but in a calm and reassuring manner in times of need.

The Call Routing Process in Disaster Recovery

If your business receives a large number of faxes, you may be interested to know that Answering Service Care by Answering Service Care has a system in place to receive faxes, convert them into digital files and then email the digital files of the faxes to one or more people in your company.  We would just need the email addresses of the individuals.  Additionally, if your company computers go down in the case of a disaster, we can make your emails available through the internet via a private and secure client portal.  Employees can access their messages via the client portal through computers or any internet enabled mobile device.

Communicating with employees is often crucial during times of crisis.  Update your employees with information in real-time through the use of Answering Service Care by GlobalResponse.  We can answer their questions such as whether they should report to work and if so when and where.  We can also be of assistance alerting your workforce to when the state of disaster has passed and it is safe to resume business as usual.

Answering Service Care has experience handling calls in all kinds of disasters and focuses on keeping your business running.  Be prepared for any disaster with Answering Service Care’s Disaster Recovery plan.

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