How a Small Business Answering Service Can Help You Grow

Your Team’s Productivity

As a small business owner, free time is probably not something you have a whole lot of. Your to-do list is a mile long, and you probably can’t get through a single task without being interrupted at least once. If you’re looking for a way to cut back on distractions while also providing better customer service, consider outsourcing to a small business answering service.

How can my small business benefit from an answering service?

Small business owners across a variety of industries partner with answering services so they can focus on their most important tasks with limited distractions. They are much more productive without the sound of a constantly ringing phone and the stress associated with lost business opportunities. Partnering with a small business answering service results in fewer missed calls, shorter hold times, and more customers receiving exceptional service. The best part is that this can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist!

Here, we will explain four ways that partnering with a small business answering service can help you grow:

Fewer distractions for you and your staff

There’s nothing more distracting than a constantly ringing phone. It’s especially frustrating when you stop what you’re doing to answer it, only to discover that it’s a telemarketer, wrong number, or someone else who is wasting your time. Imagine how much more productive you could be without listening to the phone ring all day long and wondering who will answer it each time.

When you partner with a small business answering service, your calls forward to a live agent who works remotely. This creates a much quieter, more serene environment that will allow you and your staff to be more productive.

No more lost business opportunities

No matter how busy things get, you can continue focusing on running your company without missing important calls when you partner with an answering service. Leads will no longer get sent to voicemail and slip through the cracks, resulting in more revenue over time.

It allows you to service more customers at once

“Hello, can you please hold?” How many times a day do your customers hear that phrase? Business owners and receptionists often wear multiple hats, but they can only assist one caller at a time. If your phone is ringing faster than you or your receptionist can answer it, an answering service provides the extra coverage that you need. Your customers will appreciate the prompt greetings, shorter wait times, and more personalized service.

Outsourcing to an answering service lowers your overhead in many ways

The costs associated with renting a workspace and filling it with employees can add up quickly. Outsourcing to an answering service not only saves business owners time and energy but also lots of money over time. Here are some things that you don’t have to pay for when you partner with a live receptionist answering service:

  • Recruiters to help you find receptionists
  • Employee salaries and benefits, as well as overtime and holiday pay
  • Office equipment including desks, chairs, computers, and phones
  • Office space

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