What Is Call Patching And How It Works?

Call patching is a basic, but essential, service that you should look for if you’re considering answering services for your business.

While answering services can provide a number of different options for business needs, call patching is important if you or your staff will be off location frequently or need calls forwarded to different numbers.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, an incoming call comes in to your main business line. It’s picked up by a professional virtual receptionist who answers the call with your custom greeting and takes any necessary information needed to direct the call in the right way. In some cases, the caller may know the department he needs to reach – but not the person in question. In others, they may know specifics like the name and extension number. Virtual receptionists can be trained to ask a number of different questions to properly route calls.
  • Next, the virtual receptionist will keep the caller on the line and call the extension or mobile phone number of the individual the caller wants to reach. Once the new part is reach, the virtual receptionist will provide a brief introduction and then get off the call to let the third party talk. This is called a “warm” transfer because the friendly, professional receptionist stays with the call the entire time.

There are a number of different reasons why call patching might be a preferred method of handling calls for your business:

  • You or your employees might want the ability to screen incoming calls before receiving them on their mobile line. Not all incoming calls are equal! While certain callers you may want to transfer to voicemail, others you never want to miss. The “warm” transfer that comes with call patching can give you and your staff the opportunity to choose.
  • Call patching also provides an extra level of customer service. Your incoming callers will feel like VIPs as they are personally introduced to your staff members, if you are available. If not, the receptionist can take a message or answer basic customer service questions on the spot.
  • Finally, call patching enables you and your staff to work on a mobile basis as often as possible. In many industries, this is essential to getting the job done. With call patching, you and your staff can confidently leave the office without the risk of missing out on important calls.

Call patching is the best of both worlds, top quality call technology with a human touch that makes a lasting impression.

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