What is Follow Me?

Did you know there’s a better way to make sure that important callers get a hold of you? Instead of playing phone tag with your callers, you can try “Follow Me.”

What is Follow Me? We get that question a lot! Follow Me is a unique feature of Answering Service Care that aims to reduce missed calls and increased customer satisfaction, all while saving you time. It’s ideal for busy professionals who have unpredictable availability or may be at multiple locations throughout the day.

No more missing important calls. If your company has multiple calls throughout the day, or has enough calls to keep one receptionist more than busy, the chances are you’re missing important calls. These calls could be from new customers who get a bad first impression with your company, or they could be from current customers who need help now and don’t want to wait. Follow Me can help you capture both type of calls and benefit from a professional answering service at the same time.

Here’s how Follow Me works:

  • A customer calls into your main business line – and instead of ringing at just the line, the call triggers a notification at all of your preferred lines. In essence, the system goes on “the hunt” for you and calls your work, mobile and other lines until you pick up. This means that the caller won’t have to call multiple numbers, or be put on hold while your receptionist tries to track you down.
  • If you’re unable to answer the call, the “Follow Me” system will send it to your designated back up person. This person could be an on call technician, your assistant or other reliable person who is able to handle your calls. They can answer questions that your caller may have and give customer support, rather than landing them in the voice mail inbox.
  • As a final resort, the call will be rolled over into the answering service where our live, virtual receptionists will answer the phone, take down pertinent information and relay the call directly to you.

Follow Me is an ideal solution for making sure that your customers are given the best treatment no matter what the circumstances are. You can think of it like a three-level system of customer service: Your customers will always reach a live voice that can help them, and you’ll always be there to receive your customer calls no matter where the job may take you.

As a result, you and your company will have fewer missed calls and be able to provide exemplary customer service. It’s a win-win for you and for your customers!

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