Why Do I Need a Holiday Answering Service?

Answering Service for the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration- good food, parties, gift-giving, and family gatherings- but for many business owners, they can also be a time of pandemonium and stress. To take some of the weight off their shoulders, many outsource to a holiday answering service.

If the holiday rush has you feeling overwhelmed, an answering service can step in and manage your business’s incoming phone calls, reply to emails and text messages, route calls, answer general questions, schedule appointments, and more.

Why should I use a holiday answering service?

Businesses of all sizes use holiday answering services to get through the busy season and finish the year strong. A holiday answering service helps businesses keep up with an increased call volume for a fraction of the cost of hiring seasonal employees. It also enables your business to be available to customers 24/7- even while you and your staff take time off to celebrate and enjoy yourselves.

Below we will discuss four of the most common reasons that businesses partner with holiday answering services:

1. A holiday answering service is typically cheaper than hiring seasonal employees.

When business owners can’t keep up with their increased call volume, their initial thought is to hire a seasonal employee or two. However, the costs associated with hiring, training, and managing seasonal employees often far exceed partnering with a holiday answering service. When you outsource to a live receptionist answering service, you only pay for the calls that your virtual receptionist handles.

2. It helps you to finish the year strong.

Nobody wants to end the year feeling exhausted and defeated. Although the holiday rush is exciting, it can be overwhelming and stressful as well. This is especially true if lots of calls went unanswered, and you feel as though many potential leads slipped through the cracks. Partnering with an answering service means more answered calls, more satisfied customers, and more time for you to focus on tasks that help you maximize this profitable time.

3. It allows you and your staff to enjoy the holidays more.

Do you designate someone from your staff as the “receptionist” during your company holiday party, or on actual holidays, just to ensure that no calls are missed? If so, it’s time to partner with a holiday answering service! An answering service allows your business to be available for customers, while still giving you and your employees time to enjoy the season.

4. A holiday answering service makes call management easy!

Here at Answering Service Care, our top priority is providing you and your customers with the friendliest, most professional service. We are proud to offer a variety of exclusive features, including an SMS text messaging solution and a mobile app. The ASC Mobile app makes it easy for you to receive message notifications, listen to your messages on the go, rate our performance, change an on-call contact, pay your bill, and more- all from your smartphone!

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