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A primary care answering service

A Primary Care Answering Service Just Make Sense

Primary care is often the first call a patient makes when they’re sick, curious or frightened about their physical symptoms.

You can’t possibly be in the office all the time, but you can expand your reach to more patients with the help of a primary care answering service.

Often, patients will call their primary care doctor instead of an emergency line or nurse’s line because they know you’re the one they can really trust. Those calls come all day and all night, leaving physicians and their staffs with absolutely no peace and no time to care for themselves. Unfortunately, burnout is a real thing in the medical profession, but full time in-house telephone operators can be costly.

Answering Service Care offers all the phone support a doctor could need, for a lot less than you might imagine. Primary care answering service offerings are billed by the phone call, meaning that the amount you pay is based on how many calls come in. You reap all the benefits of a full time, professionally trained team of operators without all the expense normally involved.

It’s a win-win situation for you and your patients, since you can affordably offer them services like:

When your patients constantly call after hours, it can be difficult to really relax and prepare for the next day. A primary care answering service knows how to ask the right questions to sort the patients that truly need emergency help from the ones that can wait until the morning. Regardless of their status, all patients get a chance to talk to a real person who can help soothe their worries and assure them that you’ll return their messages as soon as possible.

Your staff is made a lot less efficient by juggling office tasks with the constant interruption of telephone appointment setting. However, a dedicated telephone appointment setter makes it easy for your employees to stay on task since they’re not having to deal with a phone that’s constantly ringing. Because primary care answering service companies can offer 24 hour appointment setting, a service makes it easier for patients to make, change and cancel appointments when life happens.

Although you never hope for a disaster, it’s vital that primary care physicians plan for them. Your patients need to know what to do about their appointments and refills, even when the world is a little more chaotic than normal. A primary care answering service can change appointments, direct patients to resources and keep everyone updated on your ongoing disaster recovery status. This type of service gives your patients some peace of mind during a difficult time and helps reduce your workload, too.

A primary care answering service

Why Answering Service Care?

A primary care answering service from Answering Service Care can be your full-time face for the world or the team that gives your patients increased access to your office after hours. Services like appointment setting, emergency message relay and disaster recovery can be built into unique packages to serve your office even better. Call us today at (800) 430-6511 or email us here to get started with a custom answering package for your primary care office.