Psychiatrist Answering Services

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Psychiatrist Answering Services

An Answering Service For Psychiatrists Can Help

Patients in crisis often can’t wait until the next day or even Monday morning for the help they desperately need. Although a psychiatrist’s work is never done, a psychiatrist answering service can help you get a break from the office without compromising patient care.

You want your patients to get the very best psychiatric care possible, but that often requires giving patients the ability to reach someone who can answer questions after hours or direct callers to necessary community resources. You can’t be in all places at once, but you can partner with a psychiatric answering service that can help callers with basic questions, freeing you up to focus on those patients who need immediate emergency intervention.

Answering Service Care understands the needs of your psychiatric patients, both for medical information privacy and as a reassuring voice on the other end of the phone. Our constant focus on quality customer care and on being HIPAA-compliant help our psychiatrist clients feel confident that their patients are in good hands even when they can’t get to the phone themselves.

Answering Services

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These are just a few of the services a psychiatrist answering service can offer you and your patients:

It can be nerve-wracking to try to juggle setting appointments with patient care, but sometimes that’s the choice you’re faced with. You don’t have to go it alone, your answering service can help by providing appointment setting services 24/7. Your callers can make, change or cancel appointments any time and your answering service will update your appointment book in real time.

Patients often feel like they’re having an emergency that only you can handle when the truth is anything but. Whether they’re calling because they just realized they needed a medication refilled or because they’re in serious crisis and need to speak to someone right away, your answering service partner can tell the difference between a real emergency and one that will wait for the morning, giving you more time to de-stress after a long day of helping.

One of the best services you can offer your clients is a connection to other resources in your community, but these kinds of lists can be time-consuming to maintain and distribute. Instead of handling the volume of calls asking about community resources yourself, let your answering service help. They’ll be able to answer some general questions that come in, often regularly.

Psychiatrist Answering Services
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