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Who doesn’t like a good Top 10 list?

Without further ado, we present you with the Top 10 (of many more!) reasons to choose Answering Service Care as your answering services partner.

Today’s environment is one of instant replies and real-time communication. It’s never a good thing when your callers, patients, and potential clients can’t reach you quickly. As your answering service, Answering Service Care and our team of professional phone agents are here for you and your callers 24/7/365. If your business doesn’t close for holidays, weekends, or natural disasters, then neither should your answering service. Put simply, you will never miss another call. Now, how does that sound?

Answering Service Care is a U.S.-based business with offices from coast to coast! Our bilingual services will break the language barriers or cultural differences between our agents and your callers.

We’ve been leading the way for other answering services since all the way back in 1974. With over four decades of experience in telephone answering services, our longevity speaks for our quality. Many of our clients choose us because of our longstanding leadership in the industry, and they stay with us because of how we treat your callers, patients and customers.

We know that no two businesses are identical, which is why we encourage our clients to customize their own affordable plan to maximize their business potential and budget. From our dynamic script program, to message delivery and retrieval, to cost-effective options such as Follow Me and Appointment Scheduling, the answering services and service combinations we can provide to different accounts allow clients to tailor their plan to their own size and needs.

We offer web-enabled tools and platforms such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to bring a wider range of cost-effective and streamlined answering service-related solutions to your callers.

As our answering service client, you are eligible to receive your own local business number at no additional fee. So many customers and patients like to know they are doing business locally, and this number adds both credibility and a comfort level that can be conveyed in your marketing and advertising.

As a client of Answering Service Care, you are entitled to receive your messages instantly and via the means of communication that you most prefer. This means that all of your messages can be delivered via text/SMS, email, pager/PDA, fax, secure web portal, or live. You choose the methods, and we will carry out your message delivery according to these specifications.

We know that our staff matters, not only to us but also to you and your callers. After all, it is our staff that interacts directly and personally with your customers, patients and prospects. Not only are we award-winning, but also we are highly trained, loyal, and compassionate. We know that a happy staff is a helpful staff, and we pride ourselves on having the highest staff retention rate in the business!

We provide each of our clients a dedicated Client Service Representative to service the account. This single point of contact ensures consistent and reliable communication and continuity for all aspects of the account. This is exactly the type of quality control measures that Answering Service Care is known for!

Our business has been run by the Shooster Family since all the way back in 1974. As a matter of fact, the third generation of the family is now getting involved and becoming a part of the team and we could not be more thrilled! Ours is a business that matters enormously and equally to its executives, its employees, and its clients. Along with our sister companies, we want to continue representing and growing an answering services provider that is as professional as it is friendly, as efficient as it is well-respected, and as technologically advanced as it is traditional and family-oriented.

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