3 Unexpected Benefits of a Call Answering Service

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When you think of the benefits of a call answering service, things like cost savings, more free time, and the ability to service customers at all hours probably comes to mind. However, there are more advantages that most business owners don’t even know about. Before you decide whether outsourcing to a call answering service is right for you, consider these three unexpected benefits:

  • When you partner with an answering service, you will have fewer disruptions from wrong numbers and telemarketers.
  • By speaking with more customers and providing them with excellent experiences, your business can earn more positive online reviews.
  • A virtual receptionist can dedicate more time to each caller and collect more information about your customers.

What are the unexpected benefits of a call answering service?

Here, we will explain in more detail these unexpected benefits of a call answering service

  1. Fewer disruptions from wrong numbers and telemarketers. Picture this: you are in the middle of focusing on an important task, and your phone rings. You pick it up, only to discover that the caller dialed the wrong number. Or maybe it’s a telemarketer attempting to sell you something you don’t need. Although the call may be brief, chances are that it takes you a few minutes to regain your focus and resume your work.If this happens several times per day, it can have a significant impact on your productivity over time. These wasted minutes add up, and time is money. When you work with a call answering service, a virtual receptionist will answer your phone, forwarding only the important calls to you. Gone will be the days where you must speak with wrong numbers and telemarketers.
  2. Your business can earn more positive online reviews. With 93% of consumers saying that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions, it’s important that there are great things online for them to read about your business. Let’s face it: no customer wants to be sent to voicemail or be forced to speak to a computer. Outsourcing to a call answering service allows your business to speak with more customers, and to provide them with excellent experiences. After having a positive experience with a company, 77% of customers would recommend it to a friend, and 69.5% would take the time to write a review if asked. 
  1. You can collect more customer information from each call. When you or one of your employees is handling the phones, chances are that you don’t have a ton of time to devote to each caller as you juggle other tasks. Partnering with a call answering service means more time dedicated to each caller. Not only will they feel less rushed and receive better service, but it is an opportunity for the live agent to capture all their information. Your virtual receptionist can find out the caller’s name, contact information, and reason for calling, which is not always possible if they were sent to voicemail, or if they spoke with you when you are distracted or rushed.

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