5 Things a Real Estate Answering Service Offers Your Callers

Real Estate Answering Service

Buying or selling a home is a big deal for most people, and it can be scary and overwhelming at times. Homebuyers and sellers count on real estate agents to guide them through the process, and they expect for you to be available when they need you. It can be discouraging if they’re constantly sent to voicemail, or if every call feels rushed.

To provide a better quality of customer service, many successful real estate professionals partner with answering services. A real estate answering service manages both inbound and outbound business communications and can help with tasks like scheduling appointments, answering general questions, taking messages, and relaying information about new leads.

How can a real estate answering service help grow my business?

Partnering with a real estate answering service results in fewer missed business opportunities and more happy customers. Here are five things a real estate answering service offers your callers, which they will absolutely appreciate:

  1. Faster greetings. When someone calls your phone, there’s nothing worse than being sent to voicemail. A close second is having to wait until the fifth or sixth ring for someone to pick up. We understand that you’re busy, and sometimes you must scramble to finish what you’re doing before (barely) answering the phone in time. When you partner with a real estate answering service, you can continue doing your thing and let your virtual receptionist answer it on the first ring.
  2. More personalized service that isn’t rushed. How many times have you been in the middle of ten tasks at once, and then your phone rings? Even if you answer it, you don’t really have the time to talk. Customers can tell when they are being rushed, and it’s not a good feeling. Outsourcing to a real estate answering service allows your callers to speak with a virtual receptionist with only one task on their to-do list: to assist callers. Your customers will appreciate the personalized service from someone who isn’t rushing to get off the phone.
  3. The feeling that they are working with a professional. When asked about the most important trait they look for in a real estate agent, prospective home sellers chose “professional reputation” most often. An answering service can help your business look more professional in the eyes of your competitors and customers. It creates the impression that you are a successful realtor, and being available for your customers shows them that they made the right choice by hiring you.
  4. The feeling that you value their business. Being there for your customers when they need you shows that you care about helping them. Even if you can’t personally answer the phone every time they call, providing someone who can assist them can make a big difference. With 69% of recent home sellers saying that they would gladly write a review for their sales agent if requested, it’s important that your customers feel happy, supported and valued.
  5. The ability to serve Spanish-speaking customers. The United States has 41 million native Spanish speakers, with states like New Mexico, California, Texas, and Arizona having the highest concentrations. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, partnering with a bilingual answering service allows you to tap into this market of customers.

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