Why Realtors Need a Real Estate Answering Service More Than Ever

Working from home

In a matter of a few months, the lives of so many have changed in ways they had never imagined. Realtors are no exception, as they have had to quickly adapt to these sudden, dramatic changes.

The silver lining of the pandemic is that some realtors are busier than they have ever been before. In fact, some are receiving so many calls that they cannot keep up with the rush. In the age of COVID-19, here are some reasons that realtors need a real estate answering service now more than ever:

  • Many real estate markets are hot, hot, hot
  • More real estate business is being done virtually
  • Buyers and sellers are more nervous than usual, and they need great customer service

Why now more than ever?

Real estate markets are hot, hot, hot

The pandemic has people leaving cities in droves, and many are settling into suburbs. Realtors in these locations are suddenly fielding calls at all hours, trying to keep pace with market conditions that seemingly changed overnight.

Saying that the real estate market is hot is an understatement, and realtors are unable to keep up with their constantly ringing phones. Missed calls are missed business opportunities. By the time you are able return a call, chances are that the person has already spoken with one of your competitors.

Partnering with a real estate answering service means less missed calls, and less business opportunities slipping through the cracks. Go ahead and focus on your most important task without distractions, or the anxiety of watching callers get sent to voicemail.

More real estate business is being done virtually

To limit in-person contact, technology is taking an even bigger role in the real estate industry. Closings are being done remotely, and property tours and open houses have gone virtual.

It is sometimes possible for a realtor to excuse themselves from a showing, or during an open house, to answer an important phone call. However, it is not possible to pause in the middle of giving a live virtual property tour. In the moments that you cannot afford to be disrupted by a ringing phone, your real estate answering service has you covered. This will result in fewer distractions for you, while your callers feel valued. It’s a win-win!

Buyers and sellers are more nervous than usual, and they need great customer service

The pandemic has not been easy on anyone. For some, it’s been downright terrifying and exhausting. Buying or selling a home is already one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and now people are on edge more than ever. Providing them with excellent customer service when they call can make all the difference.

When you partner with the best real estate answering service, your customers will not only have their calls promptly answered, but they will also be assisted by someone who is compassionate, friendly, and efficient. We understand that this is a tough time for everyone, and our live agents are here to reassure and engage your customers in a caring and professional manner.

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