How Answering Service Care Can Offer Backup Answering Support

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In a perfect world, your business would build solid, lasting relationships with each one of your customers. Every incoming phone call would be answered quickly, every customer would receive amazing service, and every one of them would tell a bunch of friends about their wonderful experience.

This is achievable, but in order to make it happen you must have a top-notch customer service team available whenever your callers need you. If you’re missing out on afterhours calls or sending callers to voicemail during business hours because you’re too busy to pick up, an answering service can help! Below we will answer and discuss the following questions to give you a better idea of how your business could benefit from backup call answering support.

What is backup call answering?

When you stop to imagine what the term “backup call answering” means, you’re most likely getting a clear image of exactly what it is. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Answering services offer backup call answering to make sure that your business is covered in the times that you and your staff are busy or unable to pick up the phone. This could be during business hours, or at night, on weekends, or even on holidays. The best answering services have live agents available 24/7/365 to ensure that your important calls don’t go unanswered.

How can answering services provide backup support to my staff?

Whether your staff is busy assisting other customers or at home sleeping at night, an answering service can provide backup support to ensure that your callers speak to a live human that’s friendly, compassionate and professional.

Backup call answering support can be set up in several ways:

  • You can designate certain days and times where you know that you will need backup support. For example, if you experience high call volumes on Monday mornings, this may be a time where you could use the backup support.
  • You can also have your phone calls forward to us after a certain number of rings, or if your line is busy. This is helpful if you travel a lot, you don’t always have the best cell phone reception, or you often find yourself in situations where you don’t have a free hand.

After picking up the phone, our live agents can do many of the things that an in-house receptionist does. In most cases, the caller won’t even realize that they’re talking to a live agent who is working remotely. Here are some of the tasks that they can help with:

  • Transferring calls to the right person or extension
  • Answering general questions
  • Scheduling, updating, and canceling appointments
  • Replying to incoming text messages to your business’ phone
  • Qualifying leads
  • Sending follow up emails after hanging up

How can my business benefit from backup phone answering services?

Backup phone answering services help businesses deliver better customer service experiences, while also improving productivity. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Better first impressions. First impressions are everything. An answering service can help you wow callers right from the start!
  • Smoother customer interactions. Our live agents receive specialized training in customer service as well as your business and industry before ever answering a call on your behalf. They can skillfully de-escalate issues, provide answers to frequently asked questions, qualify new leads, and much more. All of this leads to more satisfied customers, which leads to repeat business and a better reputation.
  • Increased productivity and time for you. Without having to constantly answer the phone, you can get more work done and truly enjoy your off time.

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