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The Importance of Amazing Customer Service

In the United States, there are approximately 32.5 million small businesses (2021), up from 27.9 million in 2010. As new companies launch each day, business owners must stay on top of trends and constantly work to stand out among the competition.

Why is great customer service so important?

One of the simplest ways to make your business stand out is to provide the best customer service in your industry. Amazing service leads to happy customers, which leads to increased revenue, growth, and sustainability for your business. When a customer is blown away by the level of service that they receive, they are likely to rave about it to their friends and family and purchase from your business again in the future.

In an effort to increase their number of happy customers, many companies opt to outsource customer service. Partnering with a leading outsourced customer service team helps businesses lower their overhead and save time while providing each customer with experiences that are friendly, personalized, and efficient.

If the reasons above are not enough to convince you of the importance of great customer service, perhaps these statistics will:

Customers have higher expectations today. As the amount of small businesses increases, so do customer expectations. More than half (54%) have higher expectations for customer service today compared to one year ago. This is especially true of millennials, with 66% saying that they have increased their expectations.

Millennials are shaping the future of customer service. With ranks of over 76 million, millennials are now the largest consumer group in the United States. Millennials are tech-savvy individuals who have a plethora of ways to communicate and interact with your business. They expect impeccable service and extreme personalization. With that said, is your business equipped to communicate with them in their preferred methods?

Here at Answering Service Care, we are proud to provide excellent customer service not only over the phone but through follow up emails and text messages. Our Care2Text feature allows our clients to advertise a phone number that their clients can use to correspond with them via text message. When a customer texts your business, our live agents will reply to answer their questions, schedule appointments, and more.

Your competitors are also likely to provide great service. According to a recent study, 67% of people believe that customer service as a whole is improving. This means that your competitors are aware of the power of great service and doing their best to provide it. If they are giving five-star service, it is up to your business to give six-star service if you want to stand out.

Ask yourself this: “Is my business really going the extra mile each and every time, and finding ways to connect with each customer?” If the answer is no, it’s time to find new ways to make your customers feel like a top priority. For example, if you have a lot of Spanish-speaking customers, outsourcing to a bilingual answering service could improve their experience. Or maybe your wait times are a little long on the days you are short-staffed. Outsourcing ensures that your business is always covered, no matter the time or day.