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Ways an Education Answering Service Can Help Grow your Educational Institution

Your student outreach program has been successful enough, but enrollment is still lagging behind your school’s projected goals. There has to be something else you can do to help better serve your student body and grow your great educational institution. Maybe an education answering service can help?

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An Education Answering Service Can Fill Many Roles

When students are complaining on social media because they can’t get maintenance in their dorm rooms or your school’s admissions office has developed a bad reputation for never returning voicemails, it’s clearly time to do something different. Thankfully, it isn’t terribly difficult to better serve your student body.

Answering Service Care has been working with educational institutions like yours for decades looking to effectively serve the student body and can probably do a lot more than you imagine with our education answering service. You’d be surprised how much having an “always-on” contact in the admissions office who just orders brochures to be mailed out can improve enrollment rates, for example.

Answering Service
Answering Services

Here are some other ways that an answering service can help serve your student body:

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More than anything, students need to feel safe on campus. When they hear that your school struggles to stay on top of maintenance or security issues because there’s never anyone available to call after hours, it can feel like your school isn’t interested in taking care of the student body’s basic needs.An education answering service, however, can be available 24 hours a day to help with dispatching service workers and security enforcement to improve your reputation in almost no time.

Like many other schools, yours has certain times of the year when the telephone calls are just pouring in faster than anyone can possibly respond. So many unlucky callers end up in voicemails or trapped in phone trees with no hope of ever getting a call back. This is where an answering service can really shine.Since answering service teams can be quite large, significant spikes in call volumes aren’t a problem. Just provide the information you want given to students who call and we’ll do the rest.

Sometimes students need to reach specific people in order to finish their enrollment. They may be adult learners and require a waiver for a college entrance exam or are having trouble with their transfer credits, for example.In these situations, the student may not know who to speak to, but they know if they dial up the operator they’ll get the help they need. We can be that first point of contact, allowing you to put your student workers to use elsewhere and ensuring accuracy and warm transfers to the right contact person the first time.

Why Answering Service Care?

We’re ready to help you grow your student body with better communications throughout your campus with the education answering service from Answering Service Care. We’ll even help you design a package that fits your campus’ needs perfectly! Give us a call at 800.430.6511 or drop us an email to get started.