How to Choose a Small Business Answering Service

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If you are a small business owner, or perhaps one of a few employees working hard to keep those doors open, you likely have plenty of responsibilities. Maybe more responsibilities than the typical job description might entail. This is common for small businesses, especially during the first few years of operation. Everyone does their part, picking up slack in some spots when needed, all to keep the operation moving forward.

However, there are tools that can aid you in your efforts, taking some of the task-oriented details off of your plate and streamlining your operations and day-to-day workflow. And while some of these tools are digital in nature, helping you organize and consolidate all sorts of information or logistics, there are other tools that require a human touch, such as a small business answering service provider. 

And before you dismiss the idea as unnecessary, it might be time to consider some of the reasons that a small business answering service provider might be precisely what your small business needs.

Why Your Small Business Might Need an Answering Service

There are many reasons that you might be in need of a small business answering service provider. For instance, and generally speaking, maybe you are busy and don’t have time to answer the phone, or perhaps you need after-hours help because you have late-night callers, or maybe you need bi-lingual support so that you can make sure all of your customers are heard. Whatever the reason, it is worth considering a small business answering service. 

For starters, it is important that your customers are able to get a hold of you, or at least, get a hold of the business. If a customer has a problem, a concern, or even just a question, having someone available to answer their question or better direct their call is the first and most important step in customer service. And as any small business owner knows, customer service  is what keeps the lights on.

You want your customers coming back, and only through communication and customer service can this happen. A small business answering service provider will ensure that no call is missed, no message falls by the wayside, and no one is misunderstood because of a language barrier. Think of a small business answering provider as an extension of your business, and a bridge between you and your customers.

But if you haven’t before considered a small business answering service, then you might have some questions. For instance, where do you start when choosing a small business answering service? 

What to Look For When Choosing a Small Business Answering Service

Small business owner working on a tablet and on the phone

There are many choices when it comes to small business answering services, but mostly it comes down to you, your small business, and what your needs are. 


You have gotten this far with your small business by getting things done the way you know how. You have developed a routine that has worked for you, whether this means odd hours, no lunch, or any number of factors. 

When looking to hire a small business answering service, you will want this new team to fall into your workflow, not the other way around. Remember, a small business answering service provider should be an extension of your business, so they need to be flexible to adapt to your operational style.


Your small business has a specific focus. Whether you provide a service for your customers, or you sell a must-have product, there is something that you have that customers want. 

Additionally, they will want to know about it. Are there different choices? Are there some things  you provide that are for a particular group of customers, and other items for different groups? 

Information about the product or service can help customers decide whether to make a purchase, or whether to make a choice between purchases. One of the small business answering service considerations to keep top of mind is whether the answering team can familiarize themselves with your business. Your small business answering service provider shouldn’t be just a receiver, but a communicator as well.


It is increasingly common for businesses of all types to post reviews about themselves. Either on a website, or perhaps through social media channels. Even if a business doesn’t share reviews, then third-party sites and aggregators do the job for them, because customers are eager to leave reviews. 

When choosing a small business answering service, check out the reviews online. Specifically, look for reviews made by small business owners, if noted. This can be an insightful consideration when hiring a small business answering service.


Let’s face it, when someone calls your small business, regardless of the reason, you want them to be well-received. Back in the days when you were answering your phones (or perhaps you still are) you showed respect and gratitude for your customers because you wanted to retain them. 

And now, when looking at your choices for a small business answering service provider, it is important to have a live, dedicated team. Automated answering services are cold and do not demonstrate the level of respect that you are wanting to give your customers. 

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