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You’ve put lots of time, money, and effort into building a great business, and the leads are rolling in. With that said, are you maximizing your success by delivering the best customer service and fast response times?

Partnering with a lead intake service can help your business continue to move in the right direction by ensuring that no leads slip through the cracks. Below we will answer and discuss the following questions to give you a better idea of how a lead intake service can help you effectively grow your business.

  • How do lead intake services work?
  • What is the best lead intake service?
  • Why should I outsource lead intake to a phone answering service?

How do lead intake services work?

Lead intake services replace the need to hire an in-house intake team but will have you covered just the same. When a call comes in, it will automatically forward to a trained live agent who will greet the caller, ask the right questions, and represent you with the highest level of professionalism. Your team’s intake processes will be carefully followed to make the best first impression on each new client, and typically your callers won’t know that they aren’t speaking with someone sitting right in your office!

What is the best lead intake service?

When shopping around for the best lead intake service for your business, here are some important features and qualities to look for:

  • 24/7/365 coverage. You probably already know that the most important leads sometimes come in during non-business hours. The best lead intake services will give you your nights and weekends back, contacting you only if an urgent lead comes through.
  • Bilingual virtual receptionists. A lead cannot effectively be captured if the caller and operator are unable to speak the same language. Here at Answering Service Care, we provide bilingual virtual receptionists who fluently speak English and Spanish, ensuring better communication and more leads captured.
  • Omnichannel support. In today’s increasingly digital world, your leads are not only calling your business. They’re texting and emailing, so it’s vital that someone is also monitoring these channels if you wish to capture every opportunity.
  • Seamless integrations with your software. Chances are you’re currently using an assortment of CRM, appointment scheduling, project management, collaboration, and marketing software. The best lead intake service for your business will integrate seamlessly with these platforms.
  • Experience and a great reputation. Before choosing a lead intake service, check out what their former and current clients are saying about them. Ask around, Google their name to read reviews, or ask to connect with a few of their past clients within your industry.

Why should I outsource lead intake to a phone answering service?

Here are some of the ways that outsourcing to a phone answering service can benefit businesses that depend on leads:

  • Phone answering services result in more calls answered. When more calls are answered, more leads will be captured. And more leads mean increased sales and profits.
  • Elevated customer service. Nobody likes getting sent to voicemail. With virtual receptionists available day and night to manage your regular, overflow and after-hours calls, your callers will enjoy the amazing customer service that they deserve.
  • You will be freed up to get more work done. You and your staff are busy enough without having to constantly answer and screen calls. Let our team of friendly live agents handle that for you, so you can be more productive each day.
  • Faster follow-up. With more time to focus exclusively on your top-quality leads, you’ll be able to follow up with prospects faster and improve your conversion rate.
  • No more lost opportunities. With a 24/7 answering service constantly handling your phones, you’ll no longer have to worry about lucrative leads slipping through the cracks.

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