Why Funeral Homes Need Live Answering Services More Than Ever

Funeral Homes Answering Service

With the pandemic, the funeral process and experience has significantly changed for everyone involved. Funeral directors are busier than ever and struggling to keep up with an increased call volume. The process of planning a funeral for a loved one during a pandemic is also vastly different, and more upsetting. To free their hands while providing the highest level of compassionate customer service, many funeral directors are partnering with live answering services.

Below we will explain three reasons why live answering services for funeral homes are needed now more than ever:

Compassionate care is needed now more than ever

Grieving the loss of a loved one is never easy. Doing it during a pandemic can be especially overwhelming. When someone calls a funeral home, they need to be treated with the highest level of empathy, discretion, and understanding. They don’t want to deal with voicemails or long hold times, nor do they want to be rushed.

A funeral home answering service ensures that your callers are greeted by a warm, professional live agent who will listen to their needs and provide the most compassionate level of care. Our trained virtual receptionists can explain options to callers, answer frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, or simply take a message and let them know that you will call them back soon.

Funeral directors are busier than ever

2020 was the deadliest year in U.S. history, and funeral directors are struggling to meet the increased demand. They’re working to keep up with the influx, while also protecting the health of employees and funeral attendees. In addition to transferring bodies and helping families make arrangements, funeral home employees are spending more time cleaning and disinfecting and figuring out how to live stream memorial services.

Not only are funeral home employees wearing many hats, but they are also wearing protective equipment such as gloves, face shields, and masks. All of this can make it difficult to manage a constantly ringing phone. A funeral answering service ensures that no matter how tired your hands are, your callers are quickly greeted and assisted. A 24/7 live answering service also has you covered during non-business hours, so you can spend your time off relaxing and recharging.

The funeral process and experience has significantly changed

New laws, rules and regulations are in place to lower the risk of spreading COVID-19. Everything from how bodies are transferred from hospitals, to how many people can attend a funeral, is now different. Funeral homes have adapted by offering virtual services and even drive-in services. Most people are not familiar with these updates, and they will have additional questions about how to plan and hold their loved one’s service and visitation.

With more customers calling to ask general questions, a funeral home answering service ensures that everyone gets answers quickly and easily. Your virtual receptionist can answer general questions about your business and the COVID guidelines that are currently in place. This frees you up to focus on making sure that everything inside the funeral home is running smoothly.

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