Live Answering Service Serving Long Island, NY

Having a reliable New York answering service in Long island is beneficial for any business especially when your service business requires you to be out for most hours. We at Answering Service Care have been in business for more than 35 years, providing a host of communication services for start ups and small business owners to large multinational corporations.

Located to the east of Manhattan, Long Island is a southeastern New York state island. It stretches in a northeasterly direction into the Atlantic Ocean and is comprised of 4 New York state counties of which Brooklyn and Queens are included as well as being 2 of the 5 boroughs that make up the greater New York City area. The other two more suburban counties are Nassau and Suffolk. Brooklyn, Long Island, and Queens are connected to the other boroughs by a combination of 9 bridges and 13 tunnels.

Considered to be one of the highest median income communities in the US, Long Island has long had a business community that has survived the ups and downs of the nation’s economy for many years. Despite the fact that it is only 23 miles wide at most, it is the US’ contiguous largest island. Additionally, the business community has always held a special allure for consumers in the other four boroughs that make up the greater NYC area.

No Long-Term Contract

Our service speaks for itself: We will never obligate you to purchase services or tools you don’t need, and that’s a promise!

Hands-on Client Portal

Access your account 24/7 and in real-time, making changes, accessing information and sharing updates whenever needed.

100% U.S.-based

Our highly trained professional live operator team is strategically located throughout the U.S.—and only the U.S.

WOW Your Callers

We will represent you with the highest levels of professionalism, patience, service and efficiency…guaranteed!

Our answering service clients are empowered by the online portal we have created just for them. Just some ways you can take advantage of all of the tools at your fingertips:

  • Monitor Usage
  • Make Online Payments
  • Listen To Calls
  • Maintain Your On-Call Schedule
  • Access Your Messages
  • View Your Profile


You Can’t Afford To Miss A Call, So Call Us!

If you own a service business that requires you being away from your company’s location the better part of your work day, you could be missing some incredibly important business calls. Nothing is more frustrating to a consumer than trying to contact a company with a customer service issue and all they get is an automated answering system or an ever-ringing phone that never gets answered.

If you feel this is the case where you and your business are concerned, you should contact Answering Service Care in order to assist you with all of your Long Island live answering service needs. We can analyze the demands and needs of your business in order to tailor a Long Island answering service that best facilitates the specific needs of your business.

Here are just a few of our high-quality features and benefits:

  • The most cost-effective and efficient web-based multi-user scheduling software for important appointments as well as any cancellations or confirmations and reminders tailoring a live answering service that targets the needs of anyone from medical professionals such as dentists, physicians, architects, designers to psychiatrists and numerous repair and service industries in the market.
  • Local area and toll-free telephone numbers so clients and customers know that your business is reputable. Always being able to provide award-winning customer service as well as having the ability to increase your sales in the process.
  • State-of-the-art message delivery and retrieval systems o our live auto attendant “Menu Tree Options” for enhancing your company image and responsiveness while reducing your cost .
  • The ability to service your client and/or customer base anywhere in the greater NYC area, the entire state of New York, nationwide and even on an international basis o 24/7/365 coverage for your business whether it is during business hours or not including holidays and weekends and disaster recovery


We Love Our Happy Clients!

I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it is to be a customer of Answering Service Care. The company I work at is a customer of yours, and your service has been nothing less than exceptional. First off, it is incredibly refreshing to speak to a representative and not an automated voice when I need assistance. I cannot emphasize this point enough! It is so rare to call a company and have that luxury of speaking to a representative and not an automated answering prompt. And, not only am I able to speak with a representative right off the bat, but I have never been on hold for more than a few minutes. Each representative I have spoken with is not only helpful, but they appear to genuinely care and want to solve any problem and/or answer any question. No question or task is beneath them and I think that is the quintessential customer service. Their friendly and positive attitudes are an absolute pleasure to work with. The customer service at Answering Service Care truly stands out in my mind as one of the best. Thank you so much for all that you do – I never dread placing a phone call to you guys!

I would like to let you know that I am extremely satisfied with the service. Your operators are consistently efficient and friendly and it was a pleasure dealing with them. Thank you very much.

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